Where To See The Best Street Art In Melbourne

In Melbourne's laneways, we can see history being made. Victoria's capital's street artists are confidently defining the city's urban culture, and the back lanes are an alive landscape of local creativity. As if Melbourne wasn't quite pretty enough, a bunch of talented street artists made their creative masterpieces to make it even more beautiful. Melbourne is covered by the magnificent street art that makes us swoon from Fitzroy to CBD and out to Cremorne.

Exploring these suburban Melbourne laneways uncovers eye-catching Melbourne laneway graffiti. Wandering the laneways to admire the collection of Melbourne street art is one of the best ways to experience the soul of Melbourne.

Street art in Melbourne has migrated to the suburbs of Fitzroy and Collingwood, from the CBD, with gigantic artistic walls everywhere you run your eyes. A street art tour led by a practicing street artist is an excellent way to see the city through new eyes, both during the day and at night.

There are so many street art lanes in Melbourne that it can be difficult to see where you can begin. But we have compiled the best hotspots of street art that anyone would love to take to their Instagram. Take out your comfortable shoes and hit the floor to discover the best street art in Melbourne.

5 Best Street Art in Melbourne

Hosier Lane

Hosier Lane is the laneway where Melbourne's street art exploded, and it still attracts tourists and locals and amuses them every single time. The lane is a brightly colored collage of posters, stickers, murals, tags, and stencils.

The cobblestoned Hosier Lane, which connects Flinders Lane and Flinders Street, is arguably the focal point of the city's street art scene. It is located opposite Federation Square and connects Flinders Lane and Flinders Street. Spend some time exploring every inch of this overflowing art gallery a creative mark has been left on almost every surface, and sometimes it's the smaller, easily overlooked pieces that truly amaze.

It is also the location for Masterchef Australia (Season Two), which featured the lane as one of Melbourne's attractions. This is a creative art laneway where you can find something new and different every time you visit because the art is ever-changing.

AC/DC Lane

This short narrow street is located next to Flinders Lane and passes through a busy part of the city with bars and places for rock and roll, including the Cherry bar, one of Melbourne's most famous rock joints. In 2004 the municipality decided, as a tribute to its long-lasting devotion for the favorite Australian rock band, AC/DC, to renaming the AC/DC Lane.

Some of Melbourne's best street art and some of the best food can be found here! Check out Peruvian street food from Pastuso or take a night at the Cherry Bar at one of the best-known places for live music. This alley is supposed to be the hub of the rock past in Melbourne, and there is so much to see.

World-famous street artist Banksy also marked these walls, but over the years, they were unfortunately displaced.

Every nook of the road is covered in unbelievable street art and is famous for locals, tourists, and visits based on photography. There's a crowd here always, so be patient and take your time.

Duckboard Place

Duckboard Place, located at the end of AC/DC Lane, follows this iconic lane with a more iconic mural. The huge vertical wall of a light blue ribbon wrapped around a rose wine with a note on 'Melbourne' is painted on the side of a brick building. This bold rose and butterfly design seem like a tattoo in honor of the city that has been created on the wall. There is also one of the last Banksy rats on a much smaller scale who had been hiding all over the CBD.

This alley of the back was once an entertaining playground for World War II soldiers. Today, along with a variety of excellent international food, you can see thought-provoking street art and an homage to Malcolm Young.

In addition, some high-end restaurants, including Lee Ho Fook. Take Lee Ho Fook instead of the raw street art outside. Elegant Chinese cuisine can be found here.

Blender Lane

Blender Lane is probably the most important lane for street art because it occupies a special place in the local community of street art. Here, the Blender Studios were relocated. Blender Studios is an urban art and art studio, which has played an important role in the development of the street art movement in Melbourne. You will find a range of styles here on the Melbourne street art route that is not seen elsewhere.

The unsigned cul-de-sac is a whirlwind of tags, stencils, graffiti, and paste-ups. No space has been left untouched without paintings.

This lane may be short, but it's full of colorful cartoons and popular culture murals, making it a major street art destination. A gallery has a wide variety of artworks from various media, near Queen Victoria Market. There is also a place to shop for art, jewelry, and craft on the summer markets.

Caledonian Lane

This casual residence in graphic arts lies in an eavesdrop from Little Bourke to Lonsdale Street. One of Melbourne's lesser-known laneways, Shortstop Coffee & Donuts, has been hit
for a post-walk treat.

One of those super-small laneways of Melbourne, Caledonian Lane has a great history as well. It's the birthplace of St Jerome's Laneway, now an international festival. There have been a lot of different trends since then, just off Lonsdale Street and behind Swanston, but there's plenty of art to keep your eyes on.

Rone (Tyrone Wright) has painted mural paintings all over the world in London, Paris, Barcelona, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica, a well-known street artist from Melbourn. Rone is the founder of Collingwood's Everfresh Studio and is renowned for painting the murals of lovely people in the area.


Art is all around us, and more of it appears from nowhere when you think you have seen it all. Street art is changing constantly and the world is colored constantly. To be part of it, all you need to do is open your eyes and lookup.

Melbourne is in the running to be one of the biggest street art capitals in the world. The street art of Melbourne is very impressive and worthy of a collection of street art graffiti books, most of them. Enjoy the street art murals that decorate the buildings and explore Melbourne's colorful lanes with characters, portraits, cartoons, stories, and what not.

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