Where to Find a Creative Space for Rent in Melbourne?


If you’re reading this, you likely have that burning desire to find the perfect canvas for your artistic expression. Are you looking for that place where your creative visions may materialise, where inspiration pours and where your artistic aspirations can come true? I have listed here places where you can do that –whether you’re a painter, writer, musician, or dreamer. 

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What makes a good art studio?

First and foremost, adequate natural light is necessary. It helps with your concentration and brings out the actual colours of your work. It’s essential to have enough storage space to keep art equipment organised and conveniently accessible, reducing distractions while creating. A comfortable working environment is ensured by good ventilation and climate control. A studio should also provide an environment that motivates and reflects the artist’s individuality, from wall colours to furnishings. It’s essential for painters to have enough space to roam around their workplace and work on larger canvases. Finally, a nice studio promotes focus and seclusion by reducing outside noise. A good art studio, in general, strikes a balance between practicality and beauty, creating a place where an artist may fully devote themselves to their creative process.

What is the best color for art studio walls?

Something that you should consider when looking for a creative space to rent is the wall colour. The colour scheme chosen for the walls of an art studio may have a big influence on the atmosphere that encourages creativity. There is no one size fits all solution, however, several colours are frequently used. Popular selections frequently include gentle, neutral hues like light grey, mild beige, or subdued white. These hues produce a serene and adaptable background that lets the artwork take centre stage and facilitates precise evaluation of colours and details. Neutral colours also aid in lowering visual interruptions, allowing artists to focus on their work.

However, it’s important to remember that personal preferences and the type of art being created can also influence the colour choice. Some choose brighter, more brilliant colours like deep blues, rich greens, or warm reds to bring energy and intensity into their creative atmosphere. The ideal colour for a studio should, in the end, complement their vision and encourage a setting that inspires and supports their creative process. It’s a good idea to experiment with a few colours to see which best suits the artist’s demands and aesthetic preferences.

How do I choose an art studio?

Choosing the right art studio is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your creative process and productivity. Consider the location first; it should be close to your home or office and easily accessible for you. It’s important to consider the studio’s size to make sure that your work and materials fit there comfortably. It is important to have enough natural light because it improves mood and allows you to perceive colours correctly. To provide a comfortable working environment, check the ventilation and climate control. For your supplies to remain organised and accessible, you need to have enough storage and organisation alternatives. Take into account the atmosphere and overall vibe of the area; it should motivate and reflect your artistic style. 

Last but not least, determine whether the studio is affordable for you, accounting for rent and any other expenses. You may choose an art studio that encourages creativity and supports your artistic journey by carefully analysing these elements and taking into account your own artistic demands.

I have listed here creative spaces I found in Melbourne. Hope this can help you choose for your next project.



storage glen iris

For painters, photographers, and other creatives searching for a professional and inspirational setting, Storage Glen Iris has a creative space for rent. Their studio spaces were created with artists’ requirements in mind. It is the ideal fusion of practicality and affordability. Whether you’re a painter, an illustrator, or a multimedia artist wishing to grow and elevate your presence through commercial venues, their layouts can accommodate a wide range of artistic professions. You’ll have everything you need to create your masterpiece, including lots of natural light, spacious areas, and standard utilities.

Website: https://storagegleniris.net.au/


mycelium studios

Mycelium Studos is an interdisciplinary creative hub. The studio offers a place for idea sharing and collaborative concept development, with around a third of the overall space made up of common rooms and amenities. They house a variety of creative businesses, including software developers and fashion designers.

Website: https://www.myceliumstudios.com/


studio m4

In addition to other creative services, they provide green screens, photographic studios, locations for neighbourhood events, video editing, and after-effects. Their studios may be rented by the hour, half-day, or full-day packages, with customizable packaging choices to meet your needs. To help you get the most out of your money, they also provide discounts for multi-day reservations.

Website: https://studiom4.com.au/creative-space


so high gallery

They have hourly, weekly, and daily rates. This is a genuinely unique creative space that can accommodate all types of creative tasks in their studio. The SoHigh Gallery may be tailored to your particular needs and has the look and feel you want in a creative area. To make the most of your stay with them, rearrange the furniture, bring your own, and make use of the spacious room. 

Website: https://sohighgallery.com/creative-space



Molonglo Creative Studio is an adaptable, small-footprint facility for collaborative creative work. They have been built to be durable, versatile, and open, supporting collaborative working methods. The tenant will be in charge of the fit-out design, which will be inspired by the building’s already strong material palette, such as the exposed concrete ceilings and the common corridor’s anodized aluminium and glass interior facade. Options for more on-site services are also available. 

Website: https://molonglo.com/spaces/creative-studio-rupert-st


artworks st kilda

15 different art studios and classes are available for hire here at Artworks. Varying in size from smaller, more personal art studios to bigger, more industrial workshop areas. Each studio includes a lock, lights, windows that can be opened, power outlets, and shelves, and is well-insulated for both the summer and the winter.

Website: https://www.artworksstkilda.com/


creative spaces

West Melbourne’s River Studios is a beautiful architectural warehouse conversion. It is a vibrant studio space for artists and other creatives, run under the Creative Spaces programme. The three-story, 3000-square-foot structure and adjacent warehouse are home to a variety of art professions, including visual arts, sculpture, photography, creating, and design. Approximately varies for studio spaces. 14m2 to 57m2.

Website: https://www.creativespaces.net.au/venue/river-studios


second story studios

Second Story Studios provides transformative spaces for coworking, studio rental, events, and workshops. A beautiful place to interact, discover, and develop.

Website: http://www.secondstory.com.au/studio-hire-melbourne-rental.html


irene warehouse

They provide a variety of workspaces in what appears to be a wide range of sizes and shapes: some are large, some smaller; some are square, others L-shaped. Many of the workspaces have natural light, some have views of the city and stunning sunsets, while others are darkened for photography or soundproofing. For ventilation when painting, some are enclosed while others are not.

Website: https://irenewarehouse.org/


the establishment studios

The Establishment Studios is a boutique photographic studio with carefully chosen prop hire and set hire collections. It is a beautiful space, with classic architectural design features that can add a story to your art and background.

Website: https://www.theestablishmentstudios.com.au/

It appears that darkly light areas foster more creativity. The reason is that when a space is darker, individuals instinctively feel more free to “explore.” Interestingly, research has found that “a brief glimpse of green before a creativity task enhances creative performance.”

The space requirements of artists vary depending on the nature of their practice, but the average studio size is around 265 to 350 square feet.

North light indicates where the sun is in the sky. The light is more consistent here, which is great for painters. Having a window that only lets in North light helps to prevent having direct sunlight stream into the art studio while you’re working.

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