Where to Buy the Best Ribs in Melbourne

01. The Meat Inn Place

A family-owned business in Lilydale for over 5 years, is an award-winning butcher that supplies restaurant-quality meat that is sourced locally and ethically and delivered right to your house.
Address: 333 Main St, Lilydale VIC 3140
Phone: (03) 9738 7555
best beef ribs in melbourne

02. Meatmaiden

Visitors at Meatmaiden are greeted with the fragrances and views of real wonders as they descend a series of steps off Little Collins Street. A thousand briskets have seasoned the custom-built, wood-burning smoker brought over from the United States. Ironbark from the Blue Mountains is used to keep the smoker ablaze. Then there’s the dry-aging meat cabinet, where premium cuts are hung for up to 40 days to maximize suppleness and flavor.
Address: Basement, 195 Little Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: +61 3 9078 7747

03. Señor BBQ

Señor BBQ serves crowds South American flavors, or more precisely Argentinean passion. These guys will improve your next event or occasion by using traditional Argentinean charcoal cooking techniques over an Asado.
Address: 37 Calista Ave, Oakleigh East VIC 3166
Phone: 1300 274 227

04. The Plough

Following a refurbishment in 2013, the restaurant repositioned itself as a lot more trendy place to visit. The menu is extensive but simple to explore; the shared area includes far more than tiny snacks, such as calamari and croquettes, while mains include house-made pies with mushy peas, a traditional chicken parma, and house-made pappardelle with lamb ragout.
Address: 333 Barkly Street, Footscray VIC 3011
Phone: 03 9687 2878

05. Ribs and Burgers

ribs and burgers

06. Third Wave Cafe

Third Wave Cafe began as a stylish inner Melbourne café. It is now one of Melbourne’s favorite American BBQ restaurants, with a focus on slow-smoked meats and burgers. They provide some of Melbourne’s most inventive brunch dishes and some of the greatest ribs in town by smoking them in a custom-built smoker called Brutus, ideally paired with some of their in-house BBQ sauces.

Address: 181 Victoria Ave, Albert Park VIC 3206
Phone: +61 3 9676 2399
third wave

07. Fancy Hanks

The best barbeque in Melbourne. For up to 22 hours, they grilled it in their two-tonne custom-built smoker. Their award-winning chefs create house-made sauces and sides. A carefully chosen selection of local wines, spirits, and beers. There’s lots of space, light, and atmosphere. All right in the center of Bourke St. The meals are accompanied with a carefully picked variety of local wines, spirits, and beers. There is lots of space, light, and positive energy. 

Address: Level 1, 79 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: +61 3 9453 2882

08. Big Boy BBQ

Big Boy BBQ was the first of American-style BBQ in Melbourne that started in 2011. Many consider Big Boy BBQ to be the restaurant that originated the smoked barbecue style and so established a passion around grilled meat. Unlike many other rib joints, their ribs are smoked over Hickory wood rather than boiled.

Address: 764 Glen Huntly Rd, Caulfield South VIC 3162
Phone: (03) 9523 7410
big boy bbq

09. Le Bon Ton

Their mouthwatering slow-cooked crispy smoked lamb ribs Their trained chefs carefully create these using only the best grade lamb laced with a distinctive, smokey coffee rub combined together with a sweet and sour barbecue sauce.

Address: 51 Gipps St Collingwood Melbourne VIC 3066
Phone: (03) 9427 2133
le bon ton

10. Steak Ministry Bar & Grill

Steak Ministry is the final solution to Glen Waverley’s long-unanswered need for a steak specialist. They are devoted to providing a steak experience unlike any other, specializing in premium cuts of meat and utilizing only the best ways to prepare and serve them. Whether you want a delicate sirloin, a seared T-bone with a pink center, or the marbled flavor of a ribeye or Scotch fillet, they are confident that they can serve it to your table prepared to your specifications.

Address: 39-51- kingsway parade,
Glen Waverley 3150
Phone: +61 3 9560 1818

11. Smokin' Barry's Slow Cook BBQ

This mobile diner has been garnering admirers all over the city with its winning recipe of offering smokey and delectable ribs from a state-of-the-art food truck. Smokin’ Barry’s Slow Cook BBQ meat does not dry up and remains luscious due to the use of a slow, lower temperature smoking process. They may be hired for a variety of events, so why not get some ribs into you for your next big party?

Address: 153 Dorcas St, South Melbourne VIC 3205
Phone: +61 3 9696 2883

12. B'Churrasco

With a real feast cooked over an open fire, freshly grilled sword-length skewers are cut directly onto your dish. With a kitchen manned by Brazilian-trained cooks, you know you’re getting the real deal. The meat (as well as the pineapple) is grilled on long metal skewers and then cut directly onto your dish. As a result, there is a theatrical element to this dining experience. Customers may select from lamb, hog, chicken, and beef, which are all meticulously carved and served with a variety of seasonal side dishes.

Address: 61 A’Beckett Street, Melbourne VIC 3004
Phone: +61 3 8060 4770

13. Bluebonnet BBQ

Bluebonnet Barbecue has evolved from a pop-up to a food truck to a permanent location since its debut in 2013. Bluebonnet has maintained loyal to its beginnings, offering real Texas barbecue to the people of Melbourne, from its initial location in Collingwood to its current location in Brunswick East. The Bluebonnet BBQ promises to deliver some of Melbourne’s best slow-cooked smoked Texas-style barbecue. The menu is brimming with selections that would make any meat lover salivate. Look no further than their selection of sides and cold drinks to complement your meal.

Address: 124-126 Lygon St, Brunswick East VIC 3057
Phone: (03) 9972 1815

14. San Antone

With smoked meats, delectable sides, and distinctive drinks, San Antone by Bludso’s BBQ is famed for its authentic smokehouse flavors, but they also boast a cocktail menu that rivals Texas in size. There is also the most extensive selection of boutique beers, including notable American imports such as Blue Moon, Budweiser, Miller, and Brooklyn Lager. Check out the extensive wine, rye and whiskey, bourbon, moonshine, and tequila offerings.

Address: Level 1 Casino, Crown Melbourne, 8 Whiteman Street, Southbank VIC 3006
Phone: +61 3 9292 5777

15. Red Gum BBQ

Red Gum BBQ not only serves pig ribs, but also beef brisket, smoked chicken, and all the fixings, such as mac & cheese, coleslaw, corn bread, and dill pickles. Carolina (similar to Fountain Steak Sauce) and Alabama white sauce are two sauces to try (which is like a souped-up version of mayo.)

If ribs aren’t your thing, try the house-made beef and cheese sausage with a hot jalapeño bite, or the free-range pig shoulder, which is also a fan pleaser.

Address: 87 Arthur’s Seat Road, Red Hill
Phone: (03) 5989 3156
red gum bbq

The most popular type of pork rib, Baby Backs are the leanest and tenderest. These ribs are found towards the top of the rib bone, where it connects to the spine (backbone), slightly below the loin muscle.

Spare ribs have more flesh between the bones and less meat on top than baby backs, and the meat has greater marbling (and more flavor).

Choose ribs with nice fat marbling but not too much fat. Avoid slabs with “shiners,” which occur when the meat cutter cuts too near to the bone, allowing the bone to show through the flesh.

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