Where to Buy Corten Garden Edging in Melbourne

Landscape edging is a great way to give your garden a polished look and bring all of the different areas together. In addition to its aesthetic value, edging may serve a functional purpose by keeping mulch in place and shielding your prise plants from lawnmowers. Edging may range from a basic trench to high-end paving stones, and anything in between, depending on the aesthetic and practical goals you have in mind. Although you may put in garden bed edging whenever you choose, it’s better to avoid doing so at the height of the growing season to avoid damaging the plants growing close to the borders. Let the top 5 providers in Melbourne help you get started on your Corten garden edging now!

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Top Five Corten Garden Edging Suppliers in Melbourne


Metfab - Melbourneaus

Since its founding in 1998, Metfab has expanded from a one-man enterprise serving a select clientele to a 15-person workforce with extensive knowledge of metal production.

Metfab is pleased to serve such notable clients as Parmalat (Pauls Milk), General Mills (Latina Pasta), ULS Group, Bitu-Mill, Prime Engineering, Country Fire Authority, Metropolitan Fire Brigade, and John Holland Constructions. By offering high-quality metal products and outstanding assistance, Metfab strives to develop lasting relationships with its clientele. Our years of experience servicing Melbourne’s residents have allowed us to perfect the art of customer service to an unprecedented degree. The steel we use in our production is of the highest quality, and we never run out. Metfab is a steel expert, offering a quick approach to deliver you the steel you need to keep the work moving.

We are a premium steel solutions provider, so you can count on us for anything from custom metalwork to mild steel goods to weathering steel products to Corten garden edging to retaining wall posts. The scope of steel products that Metfab may supply is practically infinite. Numerous companies have, and continue to, rely on us for complex metal fabrication projects because of the high quality of our work.

Address: 7 Ricdanic Dr, Bayswater VIC 3153

Contact: (03) 9720 2653

Website: www.metfab.com.au

Rock & Stone 

Rock & Stone - Melbourneaus

At Rock & Stone, we are outdoor design enthusiasts dedicated to providing you with the best possible pool, garden, or landscape solution in Melbourne. Visit our site for product and project inspiration, then contact us to discuss how we may assist you in coordinating your project’s many components, from the stones paving, flooring, and walling to the screens, accessories, furniture, plant pots, and more. We are pleased to serve Designers, Trade, and Retail clients for all their garden edging and steel needs. We also provide customised steel fabrication for your letterboxes, pergolas, planters, and anything else you can think of. Call us. 

Address: 33 Tooronga Rd, Malvern East
3145, VIC, Australia

Contact: (03) 9571 6266

Website: https://www.rocknstone.com.au/

Superior Gates

Superior Gates - Melbourneaus

We have over 35 years of expertise in the steel sector and produce a variety of steel goods, such as general steel fabrication, laser cutting, decorative screens, and a selection of Corten garden accessories. For both residential and commercial use, we also provide a wide variety of steel frames, including those used for Pedestrian Gates, double gates, fence panels, and sliding gates. We can even custom-make corten garden edging for your homes. If you need a custom-made gate, Superior Gates can provide one for you in Melbourne. Our turnaround time for your next project is unparalleled, and we even provide delivery choices. Slide gate kits, automated gate systems, and gate hardware are just a few of the extras we provide. You can count on the durability of our steel goods and garden edging for many seasons to come.

Address: 1/1 Normanby Street, Cranbourne VIC 3977

Contact: 0427 518 889

Website: https://superiorgates.com.au/

Greenfleet Gardens 

Greenfleet Gardens - Melbourneaus

Adding dimension to your outdoor space with our Corten Steel Garden Edging makes it easier to keep your garden beds looking good and reduces the time you spend maintaining them. Since our corten steel garden edging is made to order, we can work with you to choose the perfect form and style for your garden. 75mm and 100mm high corten steel edging are offered in curved and straight configurations. Garden beds, whether curved or straight, paths, rockeries, fake grass, and more all benefit from Corten Steel garden edging. We are the right company to call for all your garden needs! 

Address: 1 Lutana Ct, Frankston VIC 3199

Contact: 0478 779 200

Website: https://www.greenfleetgardens.com.au/

Bulleen Art and Garden

BAAG - Melbourneaus

When you visit Bulleen Art & Garden, you’ll find that we care deeply about the local environment and encourage artistic expression and plant-based innovation in gardeners’ plant selections and other artistic endeavours. The use of steel edging in gardens and landscaping has recently skyrocketed in popularity. It’s a fantastic item with many potential uses and comes in two distinct coatings. Edges for gardens can be made from a variety of materials. Here at Bulleen Art and Garden, we have galvanised and weather-resistant timber, corten steel edging, plastic, and aluminium edging for your landscaping needs. We have a large selection available to meet a variety of requirements. To request a quote, call us. 

Address: 6 Manningham Road West, Bulleen, Victoria

Contact: (03) 8850 3030

Website: https://www.baag.com.au/

Corten Garden Edging FAQ

Because of the rust that forms on it, Corten steel is protected against corrosion and can persist for decades or even centuries. Choose corten garden edging for a longer lasting garden! 

 Compared to other steel varieties, Corten steel is one of the most expensive. The cost of Corten steel is much higher than that of other popular steel types. Planters made with Corten steel are at least 50% more expensive than those made of other long-lasting materials, depending on their size.

Yes, Corten steel is not just known for its durability and corrosion-resistant properties. It can also be bent and molded to whatever shape and size that you fancy. 

Yes, it is possible to paint on Corten steel just like any other mild steel. However, if you expose Corten steel garden edging to salt water for long periods, corrosion can progress faster. 

Corten steel, often known as COR-TEN steel, is a branded version of a material commonly known as Weathering Steel. High tensile strength and resistance to corrosion are indicated by the COR and TEN, respectively. These steel alloys were designed to be left unpainted since they produce a stable rust-like appearance after prolonged exposure to the elements.

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