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In the minds of most Bendigo property owners, retaining walls are synonymous with ominous stories of slopes gone bad, soil eroded away, and water flooding in. Retaining walls are frequently essential for stabilising and holding soil in place. However, the advantages of retaining walls for your landscape’s design and functioning are sometimes overlooked. We have listed the top retaining wall contractors in Bendigo if you want to renovate your properties with a concrete, stone, or timber retaining wall.

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Top Ten Retaining Walls in Bendigo 

Kruzer Earthmoving 

Kruzer Earthmoving - Melbourneaus

We are an Australian-owned and -operated earthmoving and landscaping company. As a result of our extensive selection of earthmoving equipment and extensive knowledge, we can provide professional-grade front yard and backyard design and landscaping.

When Kruzer Earthmoving was founded in 2011, it just had a skid steer loader and a vehicle. Since then, it has expanded into a sizable fleet of excavators, tradespeople, management, and earthmoving machinery. We have an advantage over the typical landscaping firm thanks to the variety of specialised equipment in our fleet of earthmoving machines. We are capable of doing anything, from a straightforward crushed rock driveway to a complete site level and garden build.

Our founder and management team are highly skilled in various building stages. Our executive team’s expertise base includes administering labour-hire businesses, rail, and tier 1 construction. Employing supervisors, Kruzer Earthmoving adheres to a well-organized construction business model emphasising responsibility and attention to detail. Through the process, you’ll collaborate with us rather than unidentified subcontractors you didn’t hire and cannot control or anticipate. Whatever it is, we can custom-design the ideal solutions for you and your budget. We’ll assist you in striking the ideal balance between expense and goal achievement.

Contact: 0425 622 857


Bluestone Landscape Construction

Scott Bateson is the owner and manager of the Bendigo-based business BlueStone Landscape. Since opening his company, Scott and his landscapers have provided numerous Bendigo homes with stunning new gardens and patios. Our goal is to make sure that every design we create for a customer reaches its maximum potential, letting the client enjoy, appreciate, and live in their garden, outdoor living space, deck, paving area, pool, or whatever else their design may include, for many years to come. We build, engineer, design, and build the most practical and visually pleasing Retaining Wall, whether the goal is slope stability, preventing landslides, or creating extra yard space.

Address: PO Box 848, Strathfieldsaye, Vic 3551

Contact: 0400 078 913


Luke Bullock Landscape Construction

Our adaptable Bendigo landscaping services are created to meet the unique requirements of any residential landscaping project, whether it be a front yard landscaping project, a backyard landscaping project, a new house landscaping project, or an update to an existing garden design. Our Bendigo landscapers will turn your current environment into a tropical haven using drought-tolerant plants, grey water systems, and landscape irrigation. Our staff has extensive expertise and is aware of the procedures required to plan and construct a retaining wall that will survive for many years. Our retaining walls Bendigo are noted for having a number of qualities, including durability and aesthetic value. Call us today.

Address: 59 Panorama Rd, Lockwood South VIC 3551

Contact: 0408 130 817


Ian Kelly Landscape Contractor 

Ian Kelly Landscape - Melbourneaus

Landscaping is a speciality of Ian Kelly Landscape Contractor, who has worked in the industry for many years. No matter the size of your property, we can enhance the appearance of your garden by adding retaining walls and water features. We can provide engineering and permits for structural retaining walls because we are licenced building professionals. For the construction of your retaining walls, we employ premium materials including concrete sleepers, brickwork, interlocking block walls, and stonework. Because of this, you can rely on us to supply the finest garden supplies for your home or business. Our staff of masons is qualified to handle projects of all sizes and is highly trained and informed. We can assist you whether you wish to change the orientation of your yard or need assistance with an existing Bendigo retaining wall.

Address: Bendigo VIC, 3550

Contact: 0408 511 766


Outdoor Edge Landscapes

The unsung heroes of landscape design are retaining walls. Retainers are the solution when your property needs additional assistance you can count on. You can simply adjust your design to your budget thanks to the large selection of materials available, including concrete, steel, timber, stone, and more. Retaining walls Bendigo are a terrific addition to your property since they are strong, have a long-lasting fix for your land, and look great all year round. They are ideal for levelling out slopes, establishing levels, or clearing land to develop feature areas. When you choose us to take care of your needs for Bendigo retaining walls, you can count on high-quality work that applies the best design and technical techniques. Enquire about our rates.

Address: 79 Monsants Rd, Maiden Gully VIC 3551, Australia

Contact: 0438 337 029


Tristan J. Haughton Construction

TJH Construction - Melbourneaus

A group of highly skilled builders founded Bendigo Concrete and revolutionised the local market in Bendigo. Since then, we have seen tremendous development, fast evolving into a diverse construction firm with a strong track record of exceeding the expectations of the community. Our business, which comprises famous marketers, world-class concrete contractors, and a production manager, stresses quality and value for money. When you use Bendigo Concrete for your forthcoming construction project, you can be certain that the job will be of the highest quality, the number of employees on-site will be reduced, and your investment will be well worth it. We attempt to build appealing retaining walls that enhance a home’s overall appearance in addition to designing walls that are structurally solid for houses. 

Contact: 03 4420 4768


Bendigo Landscaping

Bendigo Landscaping is a family-run business dedicated to beautifying the outside areas of homes and businesses in the Bendigo area with high-quality landscaping services and bespoke garden designs. Our skilled staff designs low-maintenance structures that look good so you may enjoy your new environment for years to come. Each member of Bendigo Landscaping is committed to the idea that the client’s security and comfort are paramount throughout any home remodelling project. In order to keep your Bendigo home secure, we will work with you to develop a strategy that respects your time and financial limits while also being on time, tidy, hospitable, and helpful.

Contact: 03 5608 1171



To complete your project from beginning to end, we work with customers on both a residential and business level. At GBE, we take great pleasure in our superior workmanship, provision of the best materials, timely completion of projects, and level of communication you would expect from the best. Be certain that if you use GBE Vic, we will manage the project and all subcontractors, so you just have to deal with us. Because our reputation is essential to us, we only use the best, most dependable contractors for your job. We are confident that you will be pleased with the results of our construction, renovation, and retrofitting services and that you will get your money’s worth out of your property.

Address: 2 Roanoak Ct, East Bendigo VIC 3550, Australia

Contact: 03 5441 7469


Millers Fencing

At Miller’s, we take great pride in what we do and approach every task with years of expertise. In addition to being builders, we use our knowledge of retaining walls to get the finest outcome. We offer a broad selection of designs accessible and a distinct grasp of structural needs. Our top priority is providing our customers with a high-quality, long-lasting product that meets and exceeds their expectations. Our skilled team of experts in retaining walls and the high-quality materials we utilise are what set The Miller’s apart. Call us today and we can fulfil all of your renovation wants and ambitions thanks to our contractors’ original ideas and skills. Call us for a quote! 

Address: 19-21 Gleesons Road, Axe Creek, VIC 3551

Contact: 0409 190 167


Regional Retaining Walls Australia

Australian Construction - Melbourneaus

RRWA specialises in landscaping and the building of timber and concrete sleeper retaining walls. Based in Ballarat in central Victoria, the RRWA provides services to all areas, towns, and cities, including Melbourne, Ballarat, Geelong, Stawell, Lorne, and Bendigo. In Bendigo, we are specialists in retaining walls. The typical lifespan of permanent wall construction is between 50 and 100 years. The purpose of retaining walls is to hold soil to a slope that it would not naturally follow. They will increase the curb appeal and seclusion of your house. Don’t hesitate to dial our number to know all about our services and our retaining build rates.

Address: 32 Whitelaw Ave, Delacombe VIC 3356

Contact: 0400 423 795


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