Up to 45mm of rain is expected in Sydney

As the November deluge continues over NSW and Queensland, flood warnings have been issued all along Australia’s east coast this morning.

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Here is the latest weather update. 

More than 100 roads in Queensland have already been swamped by swelling waves, putting residents in both states at risk.

Clermont, in Central Queensland, had received 169mm since 9 a.m. yesterday.

The rainy conditions are likely to last for roughly a week across northern and eastern Australia, spanning thousands of kilometers.

Late yesterday, Sydney was pounded by yet another strong storm, which resulted in flash flooding.

The air mass will also bring more rain to a drenched NSW.

This afternoon, some flooding is anticipated in the Hawkesbury Nepean region, which was severely flooded earlier this year.

Flood warnings have been issued for Gunnedah and Forbes, where floodwaters previously rushed through farms, destroying crops.

Sydney’s highways were swamped with motorists yesterday after a heavy storm.

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