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You want to know who builds a great retaining wall, read on!

A retaining wall can be used for both residential and commercial purposes, but the design considerations will differ. For example, a residential retaining wall may need to have an incline that is less than 45 degrees in order to provide sufficient drainage away from any structures below it whereas this requirement doesn't apply as stringently with a business-oriented fence since water typically drains easily off of roofs without support.

Choosing the right contractor that can help you complete your retaining wall project. For anyone who needs help building or maintaining their own home's exterior walls, there are plenty of ways they could go about doing so; however, should you still find yourself unsure just what your approach might entail (perhaps due to some time constraints), then, by all means, read our guide and give one of these excavation companies a call.

1. Hammer Excavations

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Hammer Excavations have assembled a team of motivated and skilled earthwork experts who read the lay of the land. They provide happy customers all over Melbourne with beautifully sculpted landscapes that are fast, efficient excavations.

Hammer Excavations started out with a quality work ethic and happy customers, but now their scope has grown to include many different kinds of earth-related business. They can provide you with everything from dry hire machinery for your construction needs to landscaping services as well as retaining walls that specialize in rock retention! Included in their services are the following:

Emergency Excavation
Post Holes
Retaining Walls
Rock Breaking
Site Cuts
Tight Access Excavation

The company has managed to maintain its high-quality work by following procedures and developing systems that guarantee the quality of our services. We can predict when our customers will be satisfied with how we delivered projects on time, under budget - because they always are!

2. Topline Landscaping

topline landscaping

Topline Landscaping is a company that specializes in designing and landscaping both small residential homes as well as larger commercial projects. They are capable of handling everything from intricate detail to high-end finishes for all their work, with experience spanning over 40 years between them.

Topline Landscaping operates primarily on providing detailed landscape design combined with finishing touches for any project. With four decades worth of cumulative experience under its belt when it comes to landscaping, concrete paving, bricklaying, or building services; TopLine has the ability to offer an unparalleled service that encompasses every aspect of outdoor space planning and construction imaginable. Included in their services are the following:

Landscape Design and Planning
Garden Lighting
Stone Walls and Cladding
Excavation and Earth Work
Brick and Block Walls
Exposed Aggregate

Melbourne Retaining Walls

3. Melbourne Rock Retaining Walls

melbourne rock retaining walls

Melbourne Rock Retaining Walls has assembled a team of motivated and skilled Earthwork experts with over 18 years of experience in the industry. Our operators read the lay of the land, sculpting well-loved landscapes for Melbourne's customers who are satisfied by quick productive excavations like never before!

Melbourne Rock Retaining Walls is more than just an earthworks company though; they help creative clients all around Australia design their perfect outdoor space through providing a diverse range of services including landscaping, fencing, and concreting. We specialize in all sorts of jobs, from bulk excavation to tight access and limited-access excavations. We can also create retaining walls or do emergency digs if you need us!

Our range of machinery allows our team to take on a variety of projects like bulk excavation, landscaping work, stone/rock wall creation for both indoors (basement) and outdoors use as well as the occasional basement dig. Included in our services are the following:

Retaining Walls
Tight Access Excavation

4. DWK Earthworks

DWK Earthworks are experts in all sorts of excavation jobs, no matter the size or difficulty level it is. Their range of machinery allows them to take on a range of projects from bulk excavation, landscaping, and earthworks.

This company is also committed to creating dependable and quality work with each one of its projects. They have a long history in the industry, ensuring that every project they complete meets your expectations.

Maroondah Excavation Services
Rock Retaining Walls
Gravel Driveways

5. Icon Walls

Icon Walls is a Melbourne-owned and operated concrete sleeper manufacturer. They have over 30 years of experience in gardening and construction, given their expertise in building beautiful gardens as well as constructing retaining walls. Over the course of decades spent working on these projects, they noticed that timber structures are vulnerable to deterioration after months or even years go by since initial installation. They are your go-to experts if you are looking for quality service and materials for any of your wall retaining projects.

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