Melbournes Best Tree Removal Companies

1 - Reiners Tree Services

RTS, Reiners tree services banner
8/30 The Avenue Windsor VIC 3181
(03) 8347 6367

We have built a solid reputation upon reliable service, spectacular customer care and a proven track record for getting the job done and trees removed with minimum disruption. Just read our reviews. With thousands of successful tree removals, removing trees is something we have down to fine art.
In the beginning, much of our business was generated through word of mouth recommendations, and our customers knew that we could be trusted to do what is often be a very tricky job. After some years we became "difficult tree" experts, having fallen many trees other companies have passed on.
We have divided the process of falling large trees into manageable steps for our team. Our process is safe, fast and repeatable. Search Tree removal Melbourne and read the reviews.
We have the highest level of public liability insurance possible in Australia, we keep our team, our customers and our customers properties safe, by following our procedures and processes to be predictable for one and another. There is no guessing at Reiners, we know what we have to do, and we do it well.
For tree pruning, tree trimming, tree lopping, tree removal, stump removal, tree cutting, difficult tree removals, difficult stump removal and removing dangerous branches choose Melbourne's tree removal experts Reiners.
Reiners experienced outfit of tree loppers, arborists and plant operators are well trained and ready to take on any job.
Tree lopping, mulching, tree maintenance, tree removal, tree pruning, tree stump removal, block clearing, emergency storm damage, arborist reports and stump grinding are just some of the tasks Reiners can do for you.

Reiners tree services, RTS logo

2 - The Tree Trimmers

the tree trimmers melbourne
0434 145 698

We are a dependable, hardworking, affordable, safe and efficient company. We provide skilled arborist services to all of Melbourne and regional Victoria in both residential and commercial settings in all aspects of tree maintenance.
With more than 10 years experience in the tree industry we will work with you to understand your concerns and prepare a solution that best suits your situation and budget.
Fully insured and qualified, we pride ourselves on our professional approach. We meet all our legislative requirements including using equipment that complies with both Victorian and Australian Standards in meeting our Occupational Health and Safety obligation.
Get in touch today and receive a free quote and assessment of your trees!
➜ Complete tree & stump removal
➜ Emergency work
➜ Small & large tree pruning
➜ Hedge Trimming
➜ Palm tree maintenance
➜ Tree transplanting
➜ Pest & Disease management
➜ Cabling & bracing (make existing trees safe) logo

3 - Redback Tree Services

Redback Tree Services Banner
(03) 9988 1256

If you organise a business to remove a tree, trim, prune or provide other arborist services you’d expect them to know what they’re doing. And in the case of Redback Tree Services, you’d be right. Our people are professionally trained arborists and qualified in all aspects of tree care.
But providing professional tree care is only part of the way in which we ensure complete satisfaction for our customers.
Safety and environment
The safety of our people, you, your family and the wider community is our first priority. We place a high priority on the environment, too. You can relax when your trees, shrubs and property are in the hands of Redback Tree Services.
Passion and advice
While caring for trees, shrubs and other plant life is our job, it’s also our passion. That’s why we’re more than happy to provide free arborist advice to you in all aspects of caring for your trees, shrubs and other plants.
Free quotes
Add to this a free, no-obligation and competitive quote service and it’s easy to see why people use Redback Tree Services again and again.

Redback Tree Services Logo

4 - Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery

Daryl's Tree Care & Surgery Cover
(03) 9897 4418

Based in Melbourne, Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery offers safe, reliable and prompt Vegetation Services throughout metropolitan Melbourne & country Victoria.
Daryl, the company’s managing director, has had some twenty years of experience in the arboriculture industry with training at V.C.A.H Burnley and Northern TAFE. Daryl has attained a Certificate in Horticulture, a Certificate of Tree Surgery as well as an Advanced Certificate of Arboriculture. Furthermore, Daryl is a member of the International Society of Aboriculture (ISA). With these qualifications and experience, Daryl is well qualified to advise and assist you in every facet of tree care. In addition, Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery Pty Ltd. employs only dedicated, qualified and experienced arborists and staff.

Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery Logo

5 - Jefford Tree Services

Jefford Tree Removal and Tree Services Banner
(04) 1172 1683

At Jefford Tree Services our team are qualified and experienced arborists who will ensure all work is carried out professionally and safely and to high level of quality service above expectation.
We are qualified to attend to your hedge trimming/shaping and height reductions, stump grinding and Palm tree removal and cleaning, chipping/branch mulching. We offer a Mulch delivery service, $150 – 5 cubic metres, $200 – 10 cubic metres.

Jefford Tree Services Logo

6 - DMS Tree Company

DMS Tree Company Banner
(04) 9986 2545

At DMS Tree Company we provide a complete range of expert tree removal services across the eastern and south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne.
Our clients include households, landlords, construction sites, commercial properties and government agencies and departments. Real Estate Agents, property managers, golf courses, insurance companies, builders, architects.
At DMS Tree Company, we specialise in complete tree care, tree and stump removal. Fully insured and qualified, we pride ourselves on our professional approach.
The team at DMS Tree Removal have more than 10 years experience in tree care, tree and stump removal, garden maintenance and landscaping.
Fully insured, qualified arborists, experienced.
DMS Tree Company has been awarded Employer Of The Year by Holmesglen TAFE.

DMS Tree Company Logo

7- T4 Tree Services

t4 tree services banner
(03) 0061 1638

We are a fully qualified and insured service, providing all of your tree removal, stump removal and tree pruning needs. When removing trees, our professional climbers carefully dismantle the branches in a safe and efficient manner, using the latest Arborist techniques, to ensure that no damage is caused to the surrounding area. With over 20 years experience in the industry (including working as a Council Officer) you can trust that T4 Tree Services will give you expert advice and top quality service.
Located in the Bayside area, we also work with the Kingston, Glen Eira, Boroondara and Stonnington Council areas.

At T4 Tree Services, we proudly provide our customers with the complete tree services Melbourne residents deserve. Our dedicated team have a strong focus on always maintaining a high standard of work and safety. At the same time, all of our lopping, cutting, pruning and stump removal prices are highly competitive. You can trust T4 Tree for a professional service at a reasonable price. In addition to tree removal, tree surgery and tree lopping, Melbourne gardeners can also come to us for garden mulch.

t4 tree service logo

8 - Joel's Tree Service

Joel's Tree Services Banner
(04) 0905 1767

At Joel’s Tree Services we are Qualified Aborists focused on providing a high-quality professional service and complete customer satisfaction - we understand the importance of word-of-mouth referrals. So after completing a job for you, we want to be the go to Tree Services business moving forward for you and all your Family and Friends.
It is the policy of Joel’s Tree Services that we will conduct our activities with safety in mind and provide a safe work environment for our staff and the public who are affected by our workplace activities.
Joel’s Tree Services is fully insured for $20 million Public Liability. It is important to ask about insurance cover before contracting the services of a Tree Company to ensure you protect yourself and any potential damage to your property. We also insist on our staff having a Police and Working with Children Check for your complete peace of mind.

Joel's Tree Services Logo

9 - Green & Gold Tree Services

Green & Gold Tree Services Banner
(04) 1063 4007

Green & Gold Tree Services Pty Ltd was established in 1992 with the guidance of several prominent contractors practicing in the field at that time. We hold full public liability, property and personal insurance. Our equipment and associated gear are up to date and maintained in good order and all workmanship is completed in the correct arborcultural manner. Brendan currently holds a 4801 Australian Standard Certification.
To prevent disruption to existing gardens, overhead limbs are lowered to the ground by ropes. Foliage is generally recycled into mulch using a woodchipping machine and when required, wood is cut to approximate firewood size and left on site or taken away depending on your requirements. All lawn areas are raked and hard finish areas are swept clean. Trust us for the best tree services in Melbourne.
We are a professional Melbourne based tree removal company with fully trained staff to give you peace of mind during the removal of problem trees and we are pleased to offer our wide range of services to schools, golf courses, government, industry and the residential market.
Verbal references are available upon request – we service a wide range of clientele including high profile corporations with multiple sites.

Green & Gold Tree Services Logo

10 - Total Tree Care

Total Tree Care Banner
(03) 9769 0322

Over 20 Years of Dedicated Service

Since 1996 we have been providing a full range of professional tree services from tree planting, pruning, removal, stump grinding, and a range of Arboricultural Services. Our clients include private residential and commercial properties, construction and development sites, municipal parks and reserves, insurance agents, golf courses, public and private schools and government departments.

Our passion is in providing high-quality solutions to your tree troubles, delivering the best value outcome for you, your trees and surrounding garden.

Total Tree Care Logo

11 - Rigoni Tree Solutions

Rigoni Tree Solutions Banner
(04) 2177 9159

At Rigoni Tree Solutions we utilise the latest arboricultural practices and information to provide specialist advice, to guide the management of trees within the urban environment. Our specialist arboricultural advice uses the latest practices and information for the management of tree/s in the urban environment. We have a range of qualified arborists from AQF level 3 through to 8, with decades of collective experience. Rigoni Tree Solutions focuses on efficiency and quality. Our solutions are the key to maintaining your property’s asset at an acceptable risk level.

We pride ourselves as innovators and are constantly looking and researching how we can improve the way we do things.

Our customer service is second to none with on-time, friendly and detailed yet easy to understand information.

Rigoni Tree Solutions Logo

12 - Eucalyptus Tree Services

Eucalyptus Tree Services Banner
(04) 0232 8321

Eucalyptus Tree Services are a professional tree services company, with over 10 years industry experience, operating in the suburbs of Melbourne. We offer a full range of services including tree pruning, tree and stump removal, tree assessments and reports, pest and disease management, cabling and bracing, wood chipping, tree planting, mulch sales and much more.

Our team of qualified arborists complete all work in a safe and efficient manner, ensuring our clients receive the very best service. Whether it is removing large trees in confined spaces or the delicate pruning of fruit trees, our trained arborists perform our work using the latest techniques and the very best equipment to give our clients the best possible outcome.

If you are looking for a friendly, hardworking and professional company for tree services in your area, Josh and the team at Eucalyptus Tree Services encourage you to give our service a go, you will not be disappointed.

Eucalyptus-Tree-Services Logo

13 - Assured Tree Care

Assured Tree Care Banner
(04) 1125 7793

Assured Tree Care is owned and operated by Russell Shepherd who has over 18 years experience in the tree industry. He is a diploma qualified arborist and is passionate about all things trees. His knowledge extends from teaching aboriculture at the TAFE level, his vast climbing background and industry experience. He is also Vice President of the Victorian Tree industry Organisation (VTIO). Our motto is to ‘promote longevity among trees’ and we also have a strong focus on plant health. You can learn more about this over at our plant health page.

Being part of the VTIO also allowed us the opportunity in 2016 to volunteer our time to assist in works to save the endangered Swift. Parrot in Tasmania. We were part of a large group who helped install new nesting boxes and carve out hollows to create habitats for these birds. This commitment to conservation is something we are proud to be involved in and look forward to working on other similar work in the future. You can read more about our experience here.

We also have a strong commitment to the ongoing training of our staff through trade demonstrations, on and off the job training, and association with local TAFE institutions. Our staff are encouraged to undertake courses periodically to ensure new skills are developed to ensure Assured Tree Care is at the forefront of arboriculture.

Assured Tree Care Logo

14 - Trees R Us

Trees R Us Banner
(04) 1299 9393

Tree pruning will encourage a tree or shrub to grow in a desired way. Pruning techniques differ from plant species to plant species. Pruning on a minor scale can be done at any time when required, however any major pruning is better to be done when the plant is least active or dormant. Contact Trees R Us for all your Tree and shrub pruning requirements.
Trees R Us provide an experienced and professional tree and shrub pruning services. We strive to meet our clients requirements and are committed to ensuring your plants look their best. You can be sure the job will be done right the first time with a fully qualified arborist and trained staff.

Other Trees R Us services include:
Tree removal
Tree pruning (reductions/target pruning)
Bracing (yale) fitted to trees
Possum guard
Mulch sales

Why choose Trees R Us?
Fully qualified Arborist and trained staff
Fully insured and OH&S compliant
SAM4Schools certified
Award Winning Tree Service
We support and sponsor our local community

Trees R Us Logo

15 - Chris' Stump Removal

Chris'-Stump-Removal Banner
(04) 1299 9393

Chris and Emma run the family business together at Chris’s Stump’s. We provide a specialise stump removal business, our goals are: Quality, Reliability and Professionalism to the work and service we provide. We remove stumps on nature strips, front yards, backyards, on fence lines, down the side of the houses, in the garden beds, up down stairs.

Chris’ Tree Stump Removal & Grinding are one of the most innovative & progressive businesses in Melbourne. They provide services to five tree businesses around Melbourne.

Chris' Stump Removal Logo

16 - Tree Response

Tree Response Banner
(04) 0732 0115

At Tree Response we aim to provide total tree care for our customers, our arborists are tertiary qualified and have a detailed understanding of tree physiology. We provide an end to end service by maintaining a safe and healthy tree through all stages of its life cycle. Tree Response was founded by Matt Beshara and Sam Power in 2009.

Our Values

Providing a personalised service
Emphasis on safety of employees & the general public
Care and protection of personal property
Implementing modern arboricultural practices and techniques
Practical approach to tree management in urban areas


17 - Ants Treeworks

Ants Treeworks Banner
1300 006 090

Putting You First
Whether it’s a small residential pruning job or tree removal in Frankston on a larger, commercial scale, we bring the same great work ethic and service to every job. We pride ourselves on our prompt and reliable services. We value your time and only provide you with cost-effective solutions and quick, reliable service.

Expert Service at a Great Rate
Good value is more than just great service, its great service at a fair price. With free quotes and available after hours service, it’s never been a better time to clean up your yard. Give us a call to get started on your project whether you are looking for tree removal services in Cheltenham or tree lopping anywhere else on the Mornington Peninsula.

Ants Treeworks Logo

18- Greene Tree Services

Greene Tree Services Banner
1300 006 090

With three generations of tree removal experts of experience Greene Tree Services are the ones who can provide safe and efficient tree removal for you. Call 0467-373-290 for tree removal Melbourne. Other services we offer include hedge trimming, pruning, stump removal, mulching, arborist reports, firewood & mulch.


Greene Tree Services Logo

19 - MSZ Tree Lopping

MSZ Tree Lopping Banner
(04) 1899 4320

MSZ Tree Lopping was established 1987, and is located in Melbourne. The business is family owned and operated and has been running successfully providing services like tree lopping, pruning, landscaping, stump removal, vegetation management and specialises in Arborist services.

We at MSZ Tree Lopping offer a full range of equipment to cater for all size jobs. All our staff are well trained and qualified. One of our most important priorities at MSZ Tree Lopping is safety of your property, your family and our team.

We provide efficient and reliable service at competitive prices. We analyse the surrounding of the task undertaken to ensure risk minimisation.

The management at MSZ Tree Lopping are aware and work abiding all the policies and guidelines set by government agencies and other organizations providing the services for. The management of MSZ Tree Lopping Service are proud operators providing excellent service, satisfaction to their customers, completing work professionally, positively, efficiently and on time.

MSZ Tree Lopping Logo

20 - Stump Boy

StumpBoy Banner
(04) 1899 4320

StumpBoy service all of Melbourne & the Mornington Peninsula, specialising in tree removal & stump removal. We excel in customer service by proving our reliability & providing a same-day response.

StumpBoy Melbourne provide our clients with a premium service that you can rely on. Whether you need a stump removed in your front yard or backyard through a small passage way, we use machines that fit through any normal width door & provide quotes free-of-charge. You could be thinking about landscaping, building a deck or putting down a slab. At StumpBoy, we are also able to provide quotes on the removal of trees and complete clearing of your outdoor spaces.

To help you start afresh, contact us today to provide you with a free quote

Stump Boy Logo

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