Melbourne’s Best Nightclubs


We have listed quite a number of favorites in our blog, from things to do to the Best Ribs in town. Now let’s talk about getting to know more of the culture and people.

Melbourne is a partygoer’s paradise if you want to be surrounded by live music venues, DJ-driven clubs, and throbbing dance floors. These nightclubs are offering everything from house music havens to traditional club experiences. 

Are nightclubs still popular?

Yes! They are a popular option for a social gathering or celebration and are crucial for fostering a sense of community. With music and dance, nightclubs frequently bring people of a similar age together.

A perfect place to meet new people!

It’s always a terrific chance to make new acquaintances and meet new people. We gain much from making new friends and meeting old ones on a social, emotional, and mental level, and clubbing makes it possible for us to accomplish this all in one location!

You can try going alone.

Totally nothing wrong with it. Going out alone is actually a completely healthy, typical thing to do, despite the fact that some people associate it with social shame. Going to the club alone is no different from going out alone to have a pleasant calm day in a café with a cup of coffee and a snack. It’s surprisingly liberating.

Be mindful of your fashion sense. 

So as not to attract unwanted attention. For the ladies, a fantastic work casual outfit consists of a dress or blouse paired with fitted pants and a chic blazer. Show off your curves in a tube top, thin jeans or straight trousers, and heels—the universal club costume!

On the other hand, guys should always wear business casual as a bare minimum while attending clubs. For the majority, if not all, clubbing situations, a button-down or v-neck shirt with fitting jeans and formal shoes works nicely. A blazer is the perfect accessory and goes well with practically any club attire.

So now, put on your dancing shoes because we’re about to introduce you to Melbourne’s top nightclubs.

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01. Section 8

section 8

One of Melbourne’s most distinctive clubs, Section 8 is a lively outdoor pub with DJs, walls covered with graffiti, and beverages served from shipping containers. This is because Section 8 originally debuted as a pop-up club in 2008.

Section 8 is adorable and appealing for all the right reasons—unique, it’s small, covered in street art, populated by fascinating individuals, and home to some of Melbourne’s biggest dance events.

Location: 27-29 Tattersalls LN, Melbourne VIC 3000


02. New Guernica

new guernica

They give a lot of weight to fostering and promoting local talent. They take great satisfaction in the fact that some of Melbourne’s most well-known DJs and performers began their careers in their modest nightclub throughout the years.

Some people who began their careers at New Guernica have moved abroad and are making waves in the global club and music scene. Some of the sexiest parties in Melbourne are now managed by people who got their start at New Guernica, while others are involved in some of Australia’s most renowned events.

They want to keep giving back to the music and art scenes. They continually invite up-and-coming musicians and teams looking to throw events and are greatly encouraged to reach out.

Location: 64 Smith Street Collingwood, Victoria, Australia 3066


03. The Night Cat

night cat

The venue, which presents musicians in a distinctive 360-degree format, has served as the starting point for several renowned Australian bands, including The Cat Empire and The Bamboos. Following in this history, the venue has lately helped artists like 30/70 and Alysha Joy, Zeitgeist freedom Energy Exchange, Dubfx, and Honey grow their careers.

The core performance area which is timeless in design, gives spectators a direct view of the stage from every location in the building and a close-up, personal encounter with artists. The Night Cat provides a seamless audience experience from tickets to short bar lines and the traditional Meyer sound system. There are no pillars to hinder views, and the venue management is excellent.

Location: 137-141 Johnston St, Fitzroy VIC 3065


04. Revolver Upstairs

revolver upstairs

The late-night DJ slots at Revolver Upstairs, one of Australia’s most renowned nightclubs, regularly feature the top DJs from Melbourne as well as national and worldwide touring DJs. The club starts up and stays up until Saturday noon once the Friday afternoon service, live music, art exhibits, and restaurant slow down. The arena reopens a little time later at 5 p.m. and is open till Monday morning at 9 a.m. Influential Melbourne musicians Ransom, Boogs, Mike Callander, Spacey Space, T-Rek, Sunshine, and Lewis Cancut are just a few of the past and present personalities on the regular DJ list. The Sunday day parties offer a distinctive nightclub experience and have developed a devoted following.

Location: 229 Chapel St., Prahran


05. Brown Alley

brown alley

One of the few 24 hour licensed function venues in Melbourne, Brown Alley at The Colonial Hotel is the best choice for function rentals. It is famous for its function amenities with four different spaces to select from. There is no better place to find function spaces in Melbourne than Brown Alley at Colonial Hotel. They offer the ideal place for your guests, regardless of your event’s size or style. They would be pleased to discuss your future evets! 


06. Bond Melbourne


The buzzing, opulent atmosphere and cutting-edge design of Bond Melbourne are the epicenter of Melbourne’s nightlife. The pleasant employees at Bond provide a first-rate service that complements the opulent design of its location, creating an infectious environment unlike any other Melbourne pubs or nightclubs. Bond invites a glitzy throng through its doors and creates a beautiful event experience by evoking the energy of an amphitheatre. When it comes to Melbourne’s nightlife scene, the sumptuous interior layout paired with private areas and two live music rooms creates a novel idea. In search of upscale clubs for a Saturday night event? Visit Bond nightclub to see the visually pleasing environment that can be anything you want it to be and more.

Location: 24 Bond St., Melbourne VIC 3000


07. Paris Cat Jazz Club

paris cat jazz club

As it has been a leader in live jazz in Melbourne for more than 17 years, this distinctive venue has contributed significantly to the city’s arts scene. Throughout the years, it has presented several national and local bands and has developed into a must-see destination for jazz music fans. Two live jazz performance areas and a tapas bar are located in the 1895-built, three-story warehouse. The club gives visitors a magnificent location and a memorable listening experience, with an atmosphere that most closely resembles the Bee-Bop era of post-World War II France.

Location: 6 Goldie Place, Melbourne VIC 3000


08. Secret Garden Bar

secret garden

With 7 different areas to choose from and exclusive food and beverage packages, as well as full event management services, Secret Garden located in the center of St. Kilda, is the ideal hidden gem away from the bustle of Fitzroy Street. They can accommodate your next intimate event, open-air celebration, or anything in between. They want to offer a distinctive and unforgettable experience since we think that no two events are same.

Location: 7/60 Fitzroy St, St Kila, Melbourne VIC 3182


09. Key Club

key club

The Lui Bar features a delectable snack menu created by Vue du Monde in addition to a sizable wine, Champagne, beer, and spirit collection. The design and beverage menu at Lui Bar evoke the splendor of Melbourne during the Gold Rush, creating an atmosphere that is unsurpassed.

Innovation is essential for making genuinely remarkable drinks. At Lui Bar, a variety of intriguing ingredients, innovation, collaboration, and boldness come together.

Location: 2/117 Lonsdale St., Melbourne 3000


10. Angel Music Bar

lui bar

One of Melbourne’s most popular party spots is Key Club. In addition to holding regular weekly events, they have also hosted celebrities and sports greats like Cristiano Ronaldo & Real Madrid, Ben Simmons, Dave Chapelle, and worldwide artists like Bruno Mars, Nas, ASAP Rocky.

Because of the variety in their design, the more restrained passengers may relax in the front lounge while the hands-on crew can party hard in the main area. There are various locations accessible if you wish to spend some money and reserve a booth.

Location: Level 55 Rialto Towers 525 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC Australia


Depending on your AV, food, and beverage needs, the average nightclub event budget in Melbourne is between $70 and $100 per person.

You should always avoid wearing baggy garments to most clubs or lounges – especially the upmarket ones – as most nightlife dress standards expressly exclude “baggy clothes”.

Passport; a photo-equipped national identification card (ID). a driver’s license EXCEPT Bank cards, ID cards without a picture, and Oyster registered cards.

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