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The competition for attention is fierce and first impressions are paramount, the significance of a well-crafted retail space cannot be overstated. The world of retail transformation is focused on excellence aiming for business growth and brand recognition. Retail spaces are interconnected with the aesthetics and functionality of their physical space. How important is a retail shop fit out?

Shop fittings serve as both a tangible and intangible asset for your business. Tangibly, they are classified as fixed assets on your asset register, indicating a lasting value for more than a year with gradual depreciation over time. This dual nature underscores the long-term financial and functional importance of well-maintained and strategically chosen shop fittings.

Let us first answer some frequently asked questions before we get on our list.

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What is a shop fit out?

The term “fit out” denotes the process of preparing an interior space for occupancy. Sometimes also called a “fit-up”, entails the preparation of an interior space to be move-in ready for a tenant. This process is crucial for commercial and industrial properties, emphasizing the need for timely, efficient, and quality-focused fit-ups to enable seamless operations within the designated space. In the construction of commercial buildings, it is a common practice to leave interior spaces unfinished, allowing occupants to decide the extent of refurbishment or fitting out required to meet their specific needs. A shop fit-out is the comprehensive process of organizing and designing the interior of a retail space to align with business operations. The primary objective is to craft an environment that not only fulfils the functional requirements of the business but also delivers a positive customer experience. This multifaceted process encompasses various stages, such as planning, design, fixture installation, decoration, and the integration of branding elements. Shop fit-outs can vary in scale, ranging from a basic refresh of an existing shop to a complete transformation of an empty space into a fully operational retail environment.

How long does a shop fit out take?

The duration of a shop fit-out, particularly the construction phase, varies based on factors such as the size of the space, design complexity, and desired finishes. Typically, a standard 200 square meter commercial office space takes around 6 weeks to complete. The construction phase involves a range of tasks, including flooring installation, door and window fixes, ceiling designs, HVAC and hydraulics installations, restroom construction, furniture and shelving installation, lighting fixture setup, and painting.

While construction is the lengthiest phase, lasting between 4 to 16 weeks, it is also the most challenging. Factors such as inefficient labor management, misallocation of work, subcontractor mismanagement, communication issues, last-minute material or equipment unavailability, budget constraints, and even weather conditions can contribute to delays. Adaptation and improvisation often play key roles in overcoming challenges during this phase of a shop fit-out project.

What is included in fit out stage?

The fit-out stage encompasses various activities aimed at making an interior space suitable for commercial occupation. These activities include installing floors, ceilings, partitions, and furnishings. The fitting-out process may involve addressing building services such as cabling, wiring, internet connectivity, and communication arrangements. The overarching goal is efficient planning to execute and deliver projects in a short timeframe. Fit-out involves providing necessary equipment for buildings, including interiors, decorations, and fittings. In commercial spaces, a contractor often initiates the fit-out by developing the first stage, known as the “shell,” which involves installing the basic structure of the building. This “white box” or “shell” is necessary for both new constructions and adapting previous tenant spaces to attract new occupants.

What is the difference between interior design and fit out?

In the design and construction process, interior designers focus on layout and functionality, while architects and retail shop fitters teams ensure compliance with construction permits. Interior design prioritizes functionality, advising on layout, products, and surfaces to create a safe and enjoyable space, reflecting personal choices and tastes.

In contrast, a fit-out’s purpose is to make the space livable or usable, implementing practical elements based on the type of fit-out. Fit-out teams have less creative license, primarily executing the basic fixtures and fittings outlined in the interior design plan. The synergy between interior design and fit-out is essential for transforming spaces into both aesthetically pleasing and functional environments.

Now, let’s get on with our list of Melbourne’s Best in Retail Shop Fit Outs. 



shop fitters melbourne

With over 30 years of extensive experience and an impressive portfolio, Shop Fitters Melbourne will turn your business space into a masterpiece. Treating each project as their own, they bring a wealth of expertise to the table, evident in their notable projects like Australia 108 and the Queen Victoria Women’s Center.

This retail shop fitters company excels in handling high-end fit-outs and intricate designs, providing innovative solutions to bring architects’ visions to life. Their proficiency extends to a broad spectrum of materials and building techniques. When you work with Shop Fitters Melbourne, you receive a comprehensive start-to-finish service, with all trades covered.

Emphasizing attention to detail and their ability to spot imperfections and deliver flawless shop fronts or fit-outs. Whether it’s a full strip-out and re-fit or a nuanced revamp, they offer guidance and expertise. With a commitment to durability, quality materials, and structural strength, Shop Fitters Melbourne leverages over three decades of building experience to ensure long-lasting outcomes.

Taking care of project management from start to finish, allows you to focus on your business, providing not just a service but a dedication to delivering a remarkable product that allows your business to hit the ground running.



ultimate chippy

Ultimate Chippy specializes in retail fit-outs in Melbourne, offering expertise in partition walls and design to optimize floor space efficiently and create a customer-friendly environment.

Launching a new venture, expanding your business, refreshing an existing store, or seeking shop fit-out supplies and design advice? Ultimate Chippy has the experience and resources to meet your needs. Recognized as one of the top retail fit-out companies in Melbourne, their team of experienced retail shopfitters excels in providing high-quality fit-outs that align with your brand identity and maximize sales potential.

Ultimate Chippy’s services cover a range of needs, including setting up a new store, supplying everything from shelving to service desks, facilitating complete refurbishments for relocations, and crafting custom-made display units and shop fronts. Their expertise extends to creating unique and tailored designs, including aluminum or timber shop fronts, all while ensuring compliance with building and center management fit-out guidelines. 



juma projects

Juma Projects does shop fitouts services in Melbourne prioritizing innovation, quality, and punctual completion Regardless of project size, their skilled team is fully equipped to bring creative visions to life. Juma Projects emphasizes the significant impact a well-designed Shop Fitout can have on customer experiences, employee satisfaction, and overall business success, showcasing a diverse portfolio of successful projects exceeding client expectations.

Their approach goes beyond fixtures and fittings, focusing on strategic design solutions that harmonize aesthetics with practicality. Before commencing a project, Juma Projects collaborates with clients to understand objectives, preferences, and specific requirements, transforming these insights into designs tailored to both needs and budgets.

Specializing in commercial fit-outs of all scales, Juma Projects caters to various industries with a holistic approach that surpasses expectations. Clients can rely on Juma Projects for best-fit solutions that align seamlessly with their workspace requirements, ensuring exceptional results.



360 shopfitters

360 Shopfitters Melbourne offers a comprehensive shopfitting service catering to diverse businesses. With a wealth of experience, their hyper-focused expertise brings innovative and articulated concepts to life. The team strives to craft unique, functional interiors that elicit pride from clients, delight from customers, and provide a thriving environment for employees. Their commitment to deeply understanding client needs is evident in their numerous successful commercial projects, solidifying their reputation as specialists in top-tier shop fitting services. Having served businesses across sectors such as hospitality and retail, 360 Shopfitters Melbourne is well-equipped to assist in renovating offices or establishing new ventures, with a talented and professional team dedicated to realizing clients’ visions.



access projects

Their fit-outs are meticulously designed and constructed, meeting all necessary approvals and complying with Australian building standards. With a wealth of experience in the retail fit-out industry, their expert team is committed to excellence. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting from scratch, relocating, building your dream, or expanding, they specialise in delivering timely and budget-friendly solutions. Their strengths lie in flexibility and speed, cost-effectiveness through national buying power and innovative building methods, consistency in operational processes, and solution-oriented approaches with highly trained, multi-skilled teams.



associated projects

Their team has an extensive experience across diverse retail sectors, including large-format retail, hospitality, fashion, cosmetics, beauty, hardware, and more. Prioritizing a thorough understanding of each client’s needs and brand, their seasoned professionals offer a comprehensive suite of shopfitting services. From customized design and planning to interior and exterior fit-outs, joinery, cabinetry, lighting and electrical work, flooring, tiling, painting, decorating, and signage and branding, their team is dedicated to delivering a wide range of high-quality and tailored solutions.



storebuild australia

Storebuild Australia offers a comprehensive project experience, covering design, engineering, construction, installation, and completion, all at a competitive price. Their highly consultative approach ensures transparent communication throughout the process. With a broad network across Australia and New Zealand, they are equipped to handle commercial and office fit-outs of any size or location. Storebuild Australia is renowned for its expertise, diverse services, and a strong reputation for successful project completions throughout Australia and New Zealand. Their services span design consultation, custom joinery and procurement, hospitality fit-outs, retail shopfitting, project management, hair and beauty salon fit-outs, and office and commercial fit-outs, culminating in project completion and quality assurance.



delta commercial group

Delta Commercial Group prioritizes the creation of retail spaces that align with your shop or brand’s positioning. Their Melbourne-based shopfitting team, comprised of highly trained and experienced professionals, utilizes top-quality materials and craftsmanship to showcase products effectively and enhance customer accessibility.

The company provides design and fit-out services across a diverse range of retail businesses, including general merchant shops, jewellery shops, multi-site location retail fitouts, clothing and fashion shops, hardware shops, cafes, homewares, fast food outlets, shopping centers, restaurants, gyms, technology shops, grocery stores, hospitality venues, and takeaway shops.

Delta Commercial Group recognizes the significance of customer-centered commercial shopfitting, emphasizing the creation of premium shopping environments. The company understands that the overall look and functionality of a shop directly impact the perceived quality of its products. Neat, well-organized spaces contribute to a positive customer experience and promote positive purchasing behaviour. Delta Commercial Group collaborates closely with clients to design and implement shop fit-outs in Melbourne that are welcoming, engaging, and easily navigable for customers.



advanced construction and shopfitting

ACS is an experienced team of professional shopfitters and cabinet-makers, capable of crafting both large and small commercial/retail joinery to meet specific needs. Their versatility shines through as they create customized designs based on particular requirements and collaborate seamlessly with architecturally designed drawings. Communication is a primary focus, ensuring clients are informed at every step, and facilitating efficient and effortless project progress.

The company places great importance on providing excellent service and consistently refining methods and processes to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. ACS specializes in creating standout retail fit-outs, offering a competitive advantage by constructing engaging shop environments that beautifully display products and create a comfortable experience for clients and customers.

ACS’s expertise extends to various settings, including Shopping Centre Tenancies, Stand-Alone Store Fitouts, Concession Stores, and Portable Displays.



iconic commercial fitouts

Iconic Fitouts offers diverse project management solutions, encompassing design drawings, architectural plans, council approvals, coordination of trades, and final installation. The company takes charge of the entire build, ensuring a seamless process from start to finish, allowing clients to relax and witness the transformation of their interior space.

With an accessible and helpful team ready to address inquiries on-site, Iconic Fitouts emphasizes professional support and maintenance post-project completion. Their building team is adept at handling minor alterations, structural modifications, or design changes with minimal stress.

Boasting over 45 years of experience, Iconic Commercial Fitouts is committed to delivering the most functional, high-performance, and superior finish to business premises. The company’s goal is to transform office and retail spaces into works of art, providing clients with a head start through the expertise of their experienced team.



The dynamic interplay between interior design and fit-out teams forms the foundation for creating spaces that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics. While interior designers focus on layout, product choices, and surfaces to craft safe and enjoyable spaces reflecting personal tastes, architects and fit-out teams ensure the practical implementation of these designs, navigating construction permits and bringing the vision to life.

The collaboration between these two realms, each with its distinct roles, results in the transformation of spaces from conceptualized designs to tangible, livable environments. Interior design shapes the soul of a space, emphasizing user experience and personal expression, while fit-out teams, operating within the framework set by designers, bring these visions into reality through the installation of essential fixtures and fittings.

Ultimately, it is this harmonious partnership between creativity and execution, between design aesthetics and practical implementation, that elevates spaces to new heights. The synergy between interior design and fit-out is the key to achieving environments that not only meet but exceed expectations. The collaboration between these disciplines becomes the cornerstone of transforming spaces into both visually stunning and highly functional realms. The ultimate goal – brand awareness and of course return of investment and sales. 

Yes, fit-out costs are potentially tax-deductible. However, the process can be complex, requiring consultation with a registered quantity surveyor. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) doesn’t acknowledge estimates of asset depreciation from accountants or real estate agents. To maximize deductions and cash returns, it’s advisable to obtain a depreciation schedule from a qualified and registered quantity surveyor.

What is a fit out quantity surveyor?

A fit-out quantity surveyor, also known as a cost consultant, is responsible for ensuring building projects stay within budget. These professionals provide estimates for costs and materials, create projected budgets, and collaborate with a team to assess the impact of design changes on the overall cost of the project. Their role is crucial in maintaining financial control and delivering successful fit-out projects.


The key difference between refurbishment and fit-out lies in their approach to existing spaces. A fit-out involves preparing a new, empty space for use, while refurbishment adapts an existing space to meet the evolving needs of a company. Refurbishments are often undertaken after lease renewals or when there’s a shift in workspace requirements. Similar to fit-out, refurbishments come in various degrees, providing different options based on the extent of changes needed in the office, though unlike fit-outs, these options aren’t sequential but rather tailored to the specific transformation requirements of the existing space.

While fit-out and retrofit share similarities in working on a building’s interior for improvement, they differ significantly in scope and approach. A fit-out involves a comprehensive transformation, starting from scratch by stripping the building down to the shell and creating an entirely new interior structure. This process is time-consuming and results in a complete redesign of the building’s layout.

On the other hand, a retrofit focuses on enhancing the existing structure without a complete overhaul. It aims to add to or upgrade the building, improving performance and employee satisfaction. Retrofitting is often more efficient and environmentally friendly, reducing energy usage. Importantly, retrofitting can occur with minimal disruption to day-to-day activities, allowing upgrades like connecting a heating system without closing the workplace indefinitely.

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