Melbourne’s Best Forgotten Fishing Spots

When it comes to fishing, Melbourne has a lot to say. Throughout the city and beyond, there are numerous rivers, creeks, beaches, and rockpools to enjoy.

In and around Melbourne, there are numerous fishing spots, some of which have barbecue facilities where you can cook up your catch (snapper, whiting, or trout) and socialize with your mates.

With so many places to visit and so many delicious fish to catch, you'll need a fast guide to the best fishing spots in Victoria's most populated region. You'll also need to know when the best time is to try your luck at each spot, as well as whether you should fish from the shore, a kayak, or a boat. It's also important to remain on the right side of the law when it comes to permits.

But due to so many places around Melbourne, there are certain places that we have almost forgotten. When compared to normal fishing spots, these fishing spots provide the same fishing experience. So let’s dive into and find out the 5 best-forgotten fishing spots in Melbourne.

5 forgotten fishing spots

Plenty Gorge Park

This is a fantastic fishing spot close to Melbourne. Blue Lake is well-known for its diverse fish population. This secluded spot is a home away from home, being 20 kilometers from Melbourne's CBD. It's quiet and young, giving you the impression that you're farther away from town than you really are.

In addition to an old quarry where you can fish, you will be surrounded by native scenery and beautiful wildlife.

Fishing style: Bank or River

Fishes found: Redfin, Brown Trout, Eel Short-finned Eels, Common Galaxia & Mountain & Trout Galaxias, Southern Pygmy Perch, Roach Roach, European Carp, Goldfish

Time from Melbourne: 40 mins (20.4 km)

Jells Park

Jells Park is an active hub of walking, cycling, picnicking, and family fun every weekend, with the spectacular Dandenong Creek flowing through its grounds, and its lush Native bushland and conservation trail bringing the spotlight to a mind-boggling variety of rare birds and wildlife. Come for one of the best lake fishing in Victoria, and remain for the hiking trails, cafes, picnic areas, sporting facilities, and other amenities.

More specifically, you can fish for carp, short-finned eel, and even redfin eel from the jetties on the western side of the lake, as long as you stay out of the conservation zone.

Fishing style: Jetty

Fishes found: Redfin, Carp, Eel, Perch

Time from Melbourne: 35 min (27.4 km)

Sheepwash Road, Barwon Heads

Locations for fishing Sheepwash Road Barwon Heads is an interesting fishing spot near the town of Barwon Heads. It produces large runs of small mullet and salmon during the winter months, making it an excellent place to teach young children how to fish. It's also a place where you could get lucky and catch a mysterious mulloway.

Since there are so many small fish and you don't have to wait long to get a taste, this is a perfect place for kids. The trick is to fish light and with tiny hooks, as small Mullet and Salmon don't like to be hooked by large hooks. This will keep the kids occupied and ensure that they do not get bored while fishing. Prepare to get muddy if it rains or there is a high tide.

Fishing style: Bank

Fishes found: Salmon, Mullet, Bream, Estuary Perch, Whiting, Flathead, Pinkies, Gurnard, Mulloway, Crabs, and Silver Trevally.

Time from Melbourne: 1 hr 25 min (109.3 km)

Sorrento Pier

This historic pier, which was built in 1870, continues to attract anglers in search of whiting, squid, snapper, salmon, and other fish. Even if you aren't fishing, there is plenty to see and do in this area. Nighttime snorkeling, boating, kayaking, golfing, and watching hordes of spider crabs migrate in the Autumn are only a few examples.

Wineries, lighthouses, mazes, playgrounds, and other attractions are all nearby, as are wineries, lighthouses, mazes, and playgrounds.

Fishing style: Pier

Fishes found: Whiting, Squid, Snapper, Salmon, Trevally, Flathead, Leather Jackets.

Time from Melbourne: 1 hr 27 min (106.3 km)

Mordialloc Pier

Mordialloc is a lovely suburb on the shores of Port Phillip Bay, just 26 kilometers south of Melbourne. It has a population of around 10,000 people. Schools, sports grounds, playgrounds, cycling tracks, Epsom park horse racing track, Mordialloc creek reserve, and Woodlands golf course are all located in the suburb. The area's main attractions, however, are the beach and pier, which provide excellent outdoor recreational opportunities, including fishing.

There are restrooms, a kiosk, and a playground for children nearby. It takes just a few minutes to walk to the main shopping district in town. There are plenty of weed beds under the pier, which provides a great ecosystem for garfish and squid. Berleying is an effective method for catching garfish, and you can buy premade Berley pellets or powder too.

Fishing style: Pier

Fishes found: Snapper, Garfish, Squid, Mullet, Salmon, Bream, Whiting, Trevally, Flathead

Time from Melbourne:35 min (26.6 km)


There are plenty of opportunities to fish in Victoria if you have a recreational fishing license. There are no more reasons for you Melbourne’s fisherfolk (or would-be fisherfolk) to be stuck in the home any longer. With so many incredible, fishing spots right on your doorstep, you'll never be bored with these forgotten fishing spots ever. All that's left for you to do now is get out and enjoy it!

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