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Toorak has the most expensive real estate in Melbourne, with more Ferraris and billionaires than any other suburb in Victoria. Toorak has long been regarded as a prestigious and desirable suburb, associated with the wealthy and influential. It is also the most expensive and prestigious suburb in all of Melbourne, with stunning mansions and expensive estates.

Toorak House


Toorak is said to come from an aboriginal word that means "swamp of rushes." Toorak Toorak House is possibly Victoria's oldest surviving mansion. It was built between 1849 and 1850 on 148 acres (approximately 60 hectares) of land for Melbourne merchant James Jackson, shortly before the discovery of gold in Victoria.

Toorak's prestige has not dwindled, despite the fact that some of its grand residences have been encroached upon by newer houses and flats. The village is a major shopping destination, with a strong emphasis on eating out, fashion, and decorative homewares. Except for along Toorak Road, its streets are unaffected by public transportation.

Several of the remaining grand residences, two churches, and the State school are listed on the Commonwealth and State historic building registers, respectively. Sir Hamilton Sleigh's house (1936) Wallace Avenue, Quamby flats (1941) Glover Street, and Caringal flats (1948) Tahara Road are all heritage listed.


Toorak is a neighborhood in the City of Stonnington local government area, five kilometers (3.1 miles) southeast of Melbourne's Central Business District.

Toorak is located on a rise on the south side of a bend in the Yarra River. It is bordered on the west by South Yarra, on the east by Malvern, on the east by Glenferrie Road, on the south by Prahran and Armadale, on the south by Malvern Road, and on the north by the suburbs of Richmond, Burnley, and Hawthorn. Toorak Road, where the commercial area of Toorak Village is located, is considered the suburb's main street.


Toorak is a place where exclusivity reigns supreme. It's a suburb without compromises. Designer shopping strips, private schools, and a plethora of fine dining restaurants are just a few of the amenities available to well-heeled residents. Toorak's proudest boasts are its beautiful houses, hilly and curved streets canopied with luscious flowers, and spacious parks only a stone's throw away. This storybook suburb offers an appealing glimpse into how the other half lives, with the finer things in life within easy reach.

Toorak exudes a relaxed, opulent atmosphere. Toorak Road is the main thoroughfare, where you can shop for beautiful giftware, and delectable delis before eating lunch with friends at one of the many lush cafes and restaurants.

The streets of Toorak are lush, with many of them gently hilly and shaded by ancient arching trees. A stroll through the suburb can reveal jaw-dropping historic mansions alongside equally luxurious but completely modern homes and smaller period houses.

If you're hunting for a mansion, a fantastic mid-century flat, a neat terrace home, or a state-of-the-art apartment, this neighborhood has it all. However, Toorak has a wide range of apartment options, from mid-century buildings with spacious flats to brand new, ultra-modern apartment complexes.

Park your Manolos in Toorak if you want to live in the heart of Melbourne's elite. It's lush and leafy, and it's conveniently located near the city. It checks all the boxes with its designer boutiques, grand mansions, and luxury apartments. Two more checkboxes are excellent private schools and a leisurely, refined shopping strip.

1. The median home price in Victoria ranks first out of 1261 suburbs.
2. The median rent for a home is ranked No. 9 out of 1261 suburbs in Victoria.
3. Best all-around school This suburb is home to Loreto, Mandeville Hall, St Catherine's School, and St Kevin's College.
4. New Zealanders (2% of the population) prefer to live in this area.
5. The percentage of Australians born in Australia (72%) is high.
6. This suburb has a lot of fully-owned homes (45%).
7. The percentage of people aged 5 to 19 years old (16%) is quite high.
8. Residents from the United States of America (1% of the population) prefer to live in this suburb.
9. The percentage of people aged 60 and up (23%) is high.
10. People are well-educated.
11. Professionals make up a large portion of the population in this area (16%).
12. Many of the homes in this neighborhood are rented (35% ).

St. Kevin's College (1)

In contrast to the rest of the region, property investments in Toorak did not perform well last year, with a median home price decrease of 14.65%. According to data from the previous quarter, capital gains for real estate buyers in the territory are low, compared to the average annual gains over the previous five years.

Toorak saw average long-term growth based on its average 5-year and quarterly capital gains. Based on current median home prices in the suburb, real estate investors could earn $1000 in rental income. It is to be expected, however, that properties will spend some time on the market before selling.

The average time for a home or unit to be listed is 89.4 days. In addition, in comparison to other Australian suburbs, the Australian suburb performed better in terms of property value appreciation. Property investors anticipated a $5,000,000.00 increase in the median home price. Toorak is ranked 571st on the list of the best yielding suburbs in Victoria, with a 1.04% return.


Expensive House in Toorak



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