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Bentleigh East is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, located 14 kilometers from the city's central business district. The City of Glen Eira is its neighborhood government territory.


Like its neighbour Bentleigh, the rural area was named after Victorian legislator Thomas Bent. East Bentleigh was part of the first parcel of land purchased by Henry Dendy, an English agriculturist and brewer. Sir Thomas Bent was the Premier of the Victorian era who christened the place East Brighton. Bentleigh was separated from Brighton in 1862 when it became part of the Moorabbin Road District, which was separate from the municipal borough of Brighton.


East Bentleigh, 14 kilometres southeast of Melbourne's central business district, is larger than its namesake Bentleigh (and has a completely unrelated postcode).

Tucker Road runs through it on the west, North Road on the north, Warrigal Road on the east, and South Road on the south, forming a square shape. Centre Road runs east-west and East Boundary Road runs north-south, cutting it in half. Coatesville is the neighbourhood that surrounds Mackie Road. The roads in East Bentleigh are generally in good condition.


Valkstone Primary School, Coatesville Primary School, Tucker Road Primary School, and East Bentleigh Primary School are among the government schools in Bentleigh East.

East Bentleigh Primary School (in Centre Road), Eastmoor Primary School, and Moorleigh High School were among the government schools that closed in the 1990s (now Moorleigh Village) St Bede's College, formerly St James College, is the only Catholic high school in East Bentleigh

Melbourne Suburb Profile - Bentleigh East


Life in a family-friendly environment Bentleigh East is a breeze to navigate. Take a stroll down for coffee or chai. Bentleigh East's qualities appeal to those who don't require a high-octane lifestyle, preferring to focus on family and a more relaxed way of life. Families with growing children, as well as middle-aged and older couples, make up the majority of the residents.

With its parks and proximity to the beach, Bentleigh is a breath of fresh air. Its proximity to parks, schools, premier shopping, beaches, and spacious homes makes Bentleigh is a great place to raise a family.


1. The median price of a home ranks 153rd out of 1261 suburbs in Victoria. More price comparisons.
2. The best elementary school This suburb is home to Valkstone Primary School. More prestigious universities...
3. The percentage of people aged 5 to 19 years old is quite high (18%).
4. Professionals make up a large portion of the population in this area (9% ).
5. The percentage of people aged 5 to 19 years old is quite high (18%).
6. This suburb has a higher percentage of detached houses (88%) than other suburbs.
7. This suburb is popular with Italians (3%).
8. The percentage of people aged 60 and up (23%) is high.
9. This suburb has a large number of fully owned homes (56% ).
10. Professionals make up a large portion of the population in this area (9% ).
11. The percentage of people aged 5 to 19 years old is quite high (18%).


Based on an increase in median home prices over the last three months, property investors have seen a 1.71% gain in Bentleigh East. Bentleigh East saw average growth over the long term based on its average 5-year and quarterly capital gains.

In comparison to other Australian suburbs, the VIC suburb also performed better in terms of property value appreciation. The median home price increased to $1,246,000, which pleased investors. Due to an upward trend in home prices in Bentleigh East profits averaged 0.03% over a three-year period.

Based on current median home prices in the suburb, real estate investors could earn $550 in rental income. Bentleigh East has a gross rental yield of 2.3%. In Bentleigh East, there is an average of 20.92 real estate transactions per month or 251 per year.

Last year, property investments in Bentleigh East outperformed the rest of the country, with a median home price increase of 18.49 %. Bentleigh East has ranked 250th in Victoria's top rental yielding suburbs, with a 2.98 % return.

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