Fewer than 500 individuals have been admitted to hospital while Victoria recorded 7224 new COVID-19 cases

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Here is the latest COVID19 Update in Melbourne

On Thursday, almost seven million people in Melbourne and surrounding Victoria state were supposed to be let out of a four-week lockdown, but state premier Dan Andrews announced it was no longer possible because the number of cases had risen by 92 overnight. It’s the city’s sixth pandemic lockdown, which includes a curfew, playground closures, and rigorous exercise restrictions.

Andrews stated, “We still have too many cases in the community for us to be able to open up and give back… those liberties that we enjoy and that we desperately want back.”

Andrews did not indicate how long the stay-at-home orders would be in effect, only that officials would “consider all of the possibilities.”


Victoria Covid Cases

He added the choice should be taken “hospital by hospital,” taking into account COVID-19 admissions, staffing levels, and resource capacity, as well as the larger implications of removing the code brown proclamation and allowing elective surgery in other regions of the state.

“Some services really are very concerned that they’re not ready to just start doing category 2 again straight away because until code brown ends on Monday, we don’t know how long it’s going to take to get back to normal,” Mr Symondson added.

Around 93 percent of Victorians have had two doses of the COVID-19 vaccination, and 50 percent of those over the age of 18 have had a booster shot. On Friday, a total of 15,429 inoculations were given out at state-run clinics.

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