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As a homeowner, having the best roof and roofing company you can afford while having your roof rebuilt is crucial. A roof not only keeps your house safe, but it may also enhance your health by preventing mould and moisture buildup, lowering your utility costs, and increasing your home’s insulation. Even minor concerns might become serious when a roof is more than 20 years old. Patch jobs might not be sufficient if your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan. The better option is probably a total roof replacement. Replacement is also necessary if severe storm damage to the roof has occurred. If your present roof can’t keep up and you live in a location with harsh weather, you’re better off obtaining a new one once and for all. It is less likely that you will have to keep spending money on repairs if you instal a new, robust roof. Once you have decided on getting a roof replacement for your home or business in Melbourne, it’s also crucial to consider the possible costs incurred in a roof replacement. Here is a short guide on estimating the cost to replace roof. 

What is a Roof Replacement or a Reroof? 

When roofs sustain severe or extensive damage, attempting repairs may not always be feasible. Even though replacement might cost hundreds of dollars, ongoing repairs for significant damage can get expensive. If you’re worried about your finances, your roofer could, in certain situations, advise against a complete replacement, but keep in mind that the long-term cost of partial re-roofing is greater. When a roofer in Melbourne notices severe damage to your roofing components, especially your shingles, they may suggest a roof replacement. Additionally, from the standpoint of both long-term expenses and roof function, older roofs in locations with bad weather that show symptoms of corrosion or decay should frequently be replaced.

 It should be no surprise that obtaining a roof repair rather than a full replacement can save you time and money. With a re-roof, a new layer of shingles is installed directly on top of the old one, eliminating the need for a tear-off.  Whenever they work on a roof, roofing professionals will cover any worn shingles with a fresh layer of shingles. This enhances the look of your roof and provides a barrier against leaks. Since a roof can only support two layers of shingles, re-roofing is only possible once over the roof’s lifetime.

Cost of Roof Replacement in Melbourne - ELR Plumbing

How much does a roof replacement cost in Melbourne?

Whether starting from scratch or just replacing your old roof, you’ll quickly learn to appreciate the value of a solid roof. Having a solid roof over your head is essential in Australia, a country known for its severe weather, as it will shield you and your belongings from rain, sun, and snow. How much a new roof cost in Melbourne is a question you might be asking if you’re planning to put your home up for sale or if you’re planning to renovate a rental property. 

As the cost of replacing a roof depends on several factors unique to each roofing project, it is vital to shop around for estimates from qualified roofing professionals. Various factors must be considered when determining the price of a new roof. When making a budget for a new roof to replace one that is leaking or damaged, there are many different factors to consider. 

  • Labour Costs
  • Site Location
  • Insurances
  • Type of Materials
  • Old Roof removal cost
  • Size and scope of roof replacement 

The price of a roof replacement depends on your current roof’s shape, size, and material. Additional work may be required, adding to the cost. Roof restoration costs for a typical Australian home are estimated to begin at roughly $2,500, according to quotes we gathered from several different businesses. Roofing businesses often bill by the square metre, sometimes with bigger sections costing less per square metre.  Metal roof replacement costs can average between $85 and $160 per square metre. The price per square metre may vary depending on the roofing material. Colorbond roofing can cost from $20 to 40, concrete tiles can go from $40 to $60, slate roofing can go from $200 to $500, while terracotta tiles cost $85 to $130 per square metre. 

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