Buying Wine Online In Australia - An Online Wine Buyers Guide

With more people remaining at home owing to COVID-19, now is an excellent time to learn the ins and outs of buying wine online. Some small wineries ship directly to customers, although rules differ from state to state. Large and small online stores provide variety, depth, and knowledge, while digital wine clubs choose the wines for you.  But why go around a liquor shop or wine merchant appearing completely befuddled when you can do the same thing online in the comfort of your own home?

Wine aficionados, enthusiasts, and lovers will all be pleased to find that there is a larger range available when shopping online. Browse the options from the comfort of your sofa, but without the checkout lines, and have your beverage brought to your door. That’s all there is to it.

We’re here to assist if you’ve been looking for the best location to purchase online for reds, whites, and rose wines, as well as bubbles. Allow us to be your online wine shopping guide.

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Why should you purchase wine online?

There are many reasons why purchasing wine online is a wise method to replenish your cellar, the most important of which being ease… you’d think. And, although it’s fantastic to have wine delivered to your home with the click of a mouse, the actual advantage of ordering wine online is that you may pick from a far larger number and diversity of wines than you’d find at your local liquor shop.

Not just big-name, commercial brands: online, you may get one-of-a-kind, small-batch wines that are both excellent and reasonable; rare and pricey wines to save for special occasions; and wines from all over the globe.

So, whether you want a crisp Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa or a smoldering Rioja from Spain, just *CLICK* and wait for your doorbell to ring. It’s high-tech wizardry at its finest.

Now that you’re more familiar with the benefits of purchasing wine online, let’s go further. This should have you mentally prepared to spend your next income on a great wine collection. Yay!

What you need to know before buying wine online

With internet purchasing gradually becoming everyone’s favorite method of purchase, online wine dealers are becoming more widespread. But don’t just go out and purchase your next bottle from the first online wine sales website that comes up in a search. When you’re ready to purchase from online wine dealers, keep these ideas in mind to make the transaction go more smoothly.

Check the Alcohol Shipping Laws in your Area

It may not be obvious at first, but shipping wine via mail is not authorized in every region. The knowledge isn’t all black and white, though. Wine may be transported directly from a winery in several states, but not via a third-party store.

Wine Clubs Should Be Avoided

While searching for wine dealers online, you may get invitations to join various wine clubs. These are wine purchasing systems that function similarly to a subscription service, giving you a few pre-selected wines every one or two months.

While these programs may provide wines at extremely low costs, you never know what you’re receiving until it comes, and you also don’t know how excellent the wine is or where it’s coming from. Furthermore, once you join a wine club, you have no option but to purchase the preselected wines every month—you receive the wines they chose for you, every month or two until you cancel your membership.

Beware of the Heat

Summer heat isn’t wine’s greatest friend, and it won’t be yours if your wine cargo sits on a delivery truck in 95-degree temperatures all day. If the temperature in your area is over 80 degrees, you should request the courier firm hold your package for you in one of their facilities.

Locate a Reputable Online Wine Store

Obviously, you don’t want to purchase wine from just any website that comes up when you search online. Look for online wine retailers that provide high-quality wine and actually care about their clients. Look for an online wine store that provides complete assurances for their goods, including safe shipment to your home.

Buying Wine Online

Here are some of the best online wine store:


Laithwaites is one of the longest-running wine clubs, so it has an amazing network of top-tier winemakers from all around the world at its disposal. Because of its large membership, its tasting crew is able to travel far and wide in order to locate the greatest wines for subscribers.

Laithwaites has been in business since 1969 and now serves wine enthusiasts in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia. Its taste staff meticulously picks high-quality, good-value reds, whites, rosés, and sparkling wines from well-known wine nations and regions. In addition to established grape kinds and styles, the club seeks lesser-known grapes for a little spice. Begin browsing their one-of-a-kind deals right now. 

laithwaite wine

Oak Road Estate

Oak Road Estate is an online cellar door that sells high-quality wines from a number of the world’s most known areas at reasonable costs.

Their selection is meticulously chosen and hand-picked, with just a few wines available for purchase each month that have been tasted, evaluated, and approved by their professional wine panel.

They have developed excellent ties with wineries and winemakers that they support, providing us with unrivaled access to the world’s top value for money wines. Because of these partnerships, they are able to supply exclusive wines at much lower costs than other sellers. 

road estates wine

Virgin Wines

Virgin Wines is yet another subsidiary of the Virgin Group (including music label Virgin Records, Virgin Atlantic, and Virgin Galactic). The almost 20-year-old Virgin Wines club is entertaining, as are all of their brands, and it mixes wine from across the globe with rock and roll luminaries.

One feature that distinguishes Virgin Wines from other wine clubs is its unrivaled purchasing power. These shipments include no boutique, small-production, or even medium-production wines. Because Virgin Wines’ wine partner has purchased the whole production quota, you will discover several wines that are not available anywhere else. There are also some wines available elsewhere, but not at these rates. 

Vintage Cellars

Vintage Cellars is an Australian liquor chain owned by the Coles group, the Coles company’s other liquor brands. As of June 2018, the chain has 83 locations. Vintage Cellars is a Fine Wine Specialist in Australia. With over 80 locations around Australia selling your favorite wine, Champagne, spirits, and beer, as well as one of Australia’s biggest Wine Clubs. 


Liquorland is another Australian liquor business that was held by Wesfarmers until the Coles Group was demerged from Wesfarmers. Coles Supermarkets launched its involvement in liquor with the purchase of Liquorland and Vintage Cellars in 1981. As of December 2018, the Liquorland chain has 731 locations.

They provide amazing specials on a regular basis, a nice, inviting atmosphere, and a committed, experienced crew on hand to assist with purchasing selections. Another significant benefit for clients is the ability to earn Fly Buys points or Airpoints Dollars. Customers may also redeem points for booze rewards since Liquorland participates in the Fly Buys rewards program. 

liqourland wine (1)

First Choice Liquor

First Choice Liquor is a Coles Group-owned liquor superstore chain in Australia that competes primarily with the Endeavour Group-owned Dan Murphy’s chain as a big-box retailer in the takeout liquor market. As of May 2018, the chain has 93 locations.

When you purchase First Choice Liquor online, you nearly always get a great deal. Simply go to their “Specials” area to get best-sellers and old favorites at steep savings. There, you’ll discover the finest First Choice Liquor beer promotions, package deals, and multi-buy savings all in one spot. If you find a better price for the First Choice Liquor tequila or Corona you’re going to buy, be sure to take advantage of their price match promise. Simply show them a cheaper price on an identical, in-stock liquor item from a rival within 10 kilometers of your location, and they will gladly match it. 

first choice wine


Last but not least. To keep things fresh, online retail giant Amazon is continuously introducing new items to its storefronts. Additionally, you can easily check prices on comparable products to ensure you’re getting the greatest deal available.


When you buy wine online, you will discover a whole new world of possibilities that you were previously unaware of. That’s correct! While there seem to be many various variations on the shelf at your local grocery shop, they pale in comparison to the selections accessible online.

You will save money by shopping online. You may browse around for the greatest price after you’ve decided on the bottle you’re going to purchase (and, of course, any bulk buy discounts up for grabs). When you go shopping at a store, you are put on the spot. Because it is the only price accessible, you may choose something less expensive, sacrificing your instincts or expertise.

Shopping online is quite handy. It’s fast, simple, and can be done from the comfort of your own home, letting you spend as little or as much time as you like searching for the right bottle. Then there’s the extra benefit of delivery right to your door. You won’t have to wait in line at the checkouts for your turn, nor will you have to brave the weather on a chilly, wet evening. 

Aside from time constraints, purchasing online is a superior alternative. Each and every time.

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