As the Covid restrictions are lifted, the Queensland border will reopen

Here is the latest COVID19 lockdown update. 

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Thousands of individuals, including those who have been shut out of Queensland since July, will be able to return once the border is reopened.

Some have been living at trailer parks in northern New South Wales, while others have been planning family reunions.

The “checkpoint Coolie” barricades in Tweed Heads have been in place for five months. The restricted border has been managed in such a way that rigid bureaucracy has triumphed over compassion and common sense during that time.

Cars backed up to the brim at the Coolangatta border checkpoint Queensland is set to reopen the border early as the state approaches an 80 percent immunization rate.

Queensland, on the other hand, has escaped the large-scale Covid epidemics that have afflicted Sydney and Melbourne.

“I know individuals have told me that some of them haven’t met their grandchildren for the first time,” Annastacia Palaszczuk, the premier, said.

“They haven’t seen their aunts and uncles, mothers and fathers in a long time.”

Queensland Border

When is the border going to be open?
On Monday, December 13th, at 1 a.m., the Queensland border will open. To verify that arrivals match entrance rules, police checkpoints will remain in place at road crossings and airports.

Who is permitted to enter?
From the 13th of December, fully vaccinated people from proclaimed “hotspots” – which include NSW, Victoria, and South Australia – will be permitted to enter by road or air.

One week after receiving their second dosage of an approved vaccine, a person is deemed completely immunized.

Is it necessary for me to take a test?
Yes. Anyone crossing the border into Queensland from a declared hotspot must show proof of a negative PCR test taken 72 hours before to entering.

Five days after arrival, visitors from hotspots must take a second test.

What about those who reside on the outskirts of the border?
One of the most serious consequences of the closed border is the severance of interconnected communities on both sides.

Border dwellers who have been vaccinated will be able to acquire a 14-day border permit that will let them to freely cross the border without the requirement for a PCR test.

What will be done about border crossings?
Although logistics are still being ironed out, Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll has warned residents to “pack your patience” and expect lengthy waits.

Police may do random inspections or stop all automobiles crossing the road border, according to Carroll. Number-plate scanning equipment is also used by police to keep track of all vehicles entering the state.

“To expedite the procedure, make sure that everyone entering Queensland has a border pass that is visible and clearly displayed.” Please travel outside of the regular peak hours, motorists.

At the Queensland-NSW border, there’s a sign.

After waiting months to cross the Queensland border, a man dies at a trailer park.
“Police will be waiting for you at the border, especially at the road borders, where we’ll conduct random to 100 percent compliance checks.”

Is quarantine still required for some people?
International visitors will still be required to quarantine at home or in a hotel.

Is this the last of the lockdowns?
It’s unlikely. Queensland has acknowledged that it will be unable to follow a Covid zero approach in the future, but that outbreaks may be addressed with targeted lockdowns or mask mandates.

When do the new rules take effect?
Queensland has already announced that unvaccinated people will be barred from various public venues, like as cafés and restaurants, four days later, on December 17th.

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