Another drive-by gunshot in Melbourne targets a house with five people inside it

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In the most recent shooting to take place in the city, shots were fired into a residence in Melbourne’s north overnight.
The shooting took place just days after an ex-bikie was shot several times in the chest during an attempted murder, but authorities do not believe the two shootings are connected.

Just after two in the morning, a drive-by shooting occurred in Broadleaf Drive, Epping, and several rounds were fired at a house with five people inside.

No one was hurt, but the house’s exterior was shot at, and two automobiles in the driveway were damaged, causing their tyres to blow.
Murtada Alessawi, 18, who was a resident of the property at the time, was granted bail last week after being charged with involvement in a shooting in the adjacent area of Pascoevale on June 14.

When confronted with the footage from the event, it seems that he reportedly fired more than 20 bullets from an SKS assault rifle into the house, hitting a cottage at the back of the building.

Police suspect that a number of other shootings in the north and western suburbs are connected to Middle Eastern organized crime.

Police should be contacted by anybody who has information regarding the shooting or dashcam footage.

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