A Guide to Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium

The sea life aquarium in Melbourne is a jewel home of rich aquatic life. The aquarium offers an incredible variety, including a wide range of plants and animals such as penguins, hawks, crocodiles, stingrays, fishes, coral atolls, ocean invaders, ice age 4D Cinema and much more.

This aquarium is one of the major tourist attractions and excellent for nature lovers. It is a block of stunning displays covering four different floors. A visit to Sea Life Melbourne is always a reason to relish. Even though it is over twenty years old now, you would not realise that new features and exhibitions are constantly being added, and a significant upgrade was made in 2015. The aquatic life in the aquarium is colourful. It's the only underwater restaurant in Melbourne.

Significant Reasons To Visit Sea Life Aquarium

Visiting Sea Life Aquarium is an incredible experience to cherish throughout.

The best aquatic life attraction of Melbourne Aquarium, Australia, has been nominated by LUXlife Magazine.

Thousands of sea animals live in the magnificent aquarium. Many of them originated from the Antarctic and South oceans.

The 12 stunning aquarium areas extend across four floors. They are constructed for tourists to have an immersive and educational experience. You may even colour jellyfish in one such interactive zone.

The aquarium building is 23 feet below the surface level of Melbourne. You may observe the ocean species near the natural environment.

Sea Life aquarium is the first oceanarium worldwide to accommodate 2.2 million litres of water. Sharks, tortoises and sea dragons swim over the head at the floating oceanarium,
Travel to the Melbourne Aquarium to witness a mesmerising ecosystem.

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How To Reach Sea Life Aquarium In Melbourne

Located at the foot of the Yarra River, right opposite the Crown Entertainment Complex, the Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium offers excellent access. The building's curving glass and vast fish emblem, which sticks into the air, are immediately recognised by its multi-level. It's located easily with any transportation method.


The Sea Life Melbourne is perfectly accessible from the major train stations in the Melbourne district; the Flinders Street Station & Southern Cross are a short five to ten minutes walk away.


Bond St/Flinders St is a 5-minute walk away from the Sea Life aquarium and is the closest bus station.


Sometimes the town traffic may be rather hectic, and parking can be a clown. No real parking at Sea Life is available. Instead, several private parking lots in the vicinity are pretty costly at about $20 available from Sunday to Thursday. It is recommended to park in the Crown Casino multi-story car park. The entrance is at 8 Whiteman Street.

Crown Casino multi-storey car parking is inexpensive at just $6 for 5 hours, except on Fri & Sat when the charges are $21. It is simply a 10-minute walk from here to Sea Life.

Tips To Capitalize On Your Sea Life Aquarium visit

Ideal Time To Visit Sea Life Aquarium

If you're local, it is best to visit Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium in the morning on weekdays. The ideal time to visit is between March-May and September - November if you're a tourist. During such seasons, the weather is nice. Accommodation and fares are less expensive also. Avoid going in summer and winter since the city draws enormous numbers of people.

How To Procure The Tickets

Fall in no lineups and waste no time or money. Tickets are available online, so purchase the tickets online to have a hassle-free visit to Sea Life Aquarium.

Sea Life Aquarium Cost

The prices at the time of publication were:
Adults: $46 (It's discounted when you buy online for mid-week tickets)
Children (3-12 years of age): $32
Children under three years are free.

We suggest that you pre-buy your ticket online for the lowest price. Buying online also allows you to avoid high waits as a priority entry.

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Visiting Melbourne Aquarium - The Vital Information

Don't visit on weekends since they're full. In this case, buy your Melbourne Sea Life tickets online to avoid long queues.

Allot about 3-4 hours, mainly if you come with children, to tour all 12 zones.

While captivating its guests, the aquarium does not discriminate against age.

Covid Safety precautions such as obligatory masks for the face, sanitisation by hands and maintenance of 6 feet are followed by Melbourne Aquarium.

Feeds and conversations take place every day. Some of them are Penguin encounters, Boat and fish in glass bottom, shark and crocodile feeding.

To pick up a coffee or to have a rest, visit their café. The delicious salads and a variety of coffee bakes are most famous.

A gift shop is only around the street to send your loved ones some shopping therapy or something unique.

Food availability at Sea Life Melbourne

The Adventurer's Cafe is situated next to the coral atoll floor, so eating here is an opportunity to dine underwater. The café offers a wide variety of hot and cold products, including burgers, sandwiches, fish & chips and delicious freshly prepared salads. Also, a range of baked goods such as cakes and muffins, ice creams and more little delicacies are available. They also offer lots of children's facilities, such as chicken bunches, fish and toasts.

However, the visitors prefer bringing their food to such locations to save money since the food at such places may be very costly.

The Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium Experience And Attractions

Bays of Rays_Sealife Melbourne

Surprisingly, the aquarium is more extensive than it looks from outside, covering four floors. You will once undergo an interactive submarine trip that stretches over 11 distinct theme areas and encounters an enormous diversity of sea life, from penguins to crocodiles. It'd be simple for the animals to get lost and explore for hours.

Bay Of Rays

At the Bay of Rays, you will start your underwater journey. This section shows the animals in Phillip Bay in Melbourne that are trying to forget to swim with you. Only some of the creatures at the water you will observe drifting about are the Fiddler Rays and Jackson shark. There is also a crawl section where youngsters may jump into the tank from underneath and look around.

Mermaid Garden

Once you approach the 2.2 million litre Oceanarium, you will feel like an underwater animal walking through the glass. Viewing tunnels and being face to face with giant sharks, stingrays, and plenty of multicoloured fish is an experience cherished forever. You will even see the frightening grey sibling and shark. In this region, visitors linger around for a good hour to look at all the animals floating together. Ensure that you stop on your way into Shipwreck Explorer. It is a theatre seating area that looks into the hosts of "The Let's Talk Ocean Predators" at 12, 1, 2 and 3 pm four times a day.

Coral Caves

This region, both in fish and coral, is a spectrum of colours. Walking into the Coral Caves you will be introduced among many other insane-looking creatures by the renowned Nemo (Clown Fish). Don't leave until you meet the gigantic, extremely scary Moray Eel.

Discovery Rockpools

You can see young people would love to wet their hands and learn about aquatic life. In this interactive sanctuary, you may contact the stars of the sea and shark eggs and then go to the Nursery where the young fish are to be found. At 12:30, there is a lecture about a rocky reef.

Coral Atoll

Immediately beyond the coral caves comes the Coral Atoll, a massive fishbowl with a wide variety of brightly coloured fish and coral that extends from floor to ceiling. The most significant part, though, is that the onsite restaurant is just next to it. It's not every day that you get to claim that you dined under the waves.

Croc Lair

One of the aquarium's most outstanding features is the massive crocodile lair, home to Pinjarra, one of Australia's most enormous saltwater crocodiles. Its lair is divided into two levels, with pop-up openings allowing the smaller ones to 'pop' their heads up into the tank and get up close and personal. Because of the glass floor, you may enjoy an incredible jaw-dropping top-down perspective from the top level. Crocodile Lair hosts daily lectures at 11:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m., and 4:00 p.m.

Penguin Playground

Penguin Playground, a vast Antarctic display, is another highlight. The magnificent King and Gentoo Penguins glide about on the snow-covered ice in this huge chilly cage. They also have a huge pool to demonstrate all of their feats, twisting and spinning through the water. Don't miss the stream and discussion during “Meet the Keeper”, which airs every day at 11:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Seahorse Pier

It's no surprise that Seahorse Pier is home to a variety of strange animals. The weird and unusual multi-coloured seahorses and sea dragons drift about elegantly. This section also houses Sea Life’s globally renowned Weedy Seadragon breeding programme.

Rainforest Adventure

You will feel as if you are in the midst of the jungle as you enter the rainforest adventure. A large billabong (lagoon) covers most of the area, and lush tropical vegetation thrives. This region is home to a diverse range of rainforest creatures, including turtles, snakes, lizards, frogs, and more. Don't miss the daily turtle feeding at 2:30 p.m.

penguin playground_sealife melbourne

Experience The Kid-friendly Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium

This location is intended for children, and a complete aquarium has many activities and wide play- spaces for children. It is fair to say that many pleased youngsters rush around from exhibition to exhibition shouting the names of fish you didn't even know.

It is accessible due to broad pathways; you can traverse all four floors by pram. Elevators are also available to travel between floors in locations with stairs.

The exhibitions are undoubtedly appropriate for all ages. However, the penguin's cage is incredible.

There are a lot of interactive fields where little children may learn or play via their senses.

There are several children's areas and hiding places where children may explore and get closer to life on the sea.

Maybe it is Sea Life’s parents' quarters nicely well furnished that surprise the visitors. They were extremely spacious, with changing tables and individual cubicles.

There is also a 4D Cinema experience/ride, Ice Age: No Time For Nuts; the short 10-minute film has been created particularly in 4D with 3D glasses and vibrating seats, wind, and smoke.

High-chairs are also available for your use in the café.
And above all, the Sea Life Aquarium is free for children under three years.

Incredible Attractions In Sea Life Aquarium Vicinity

1. Legoland Discovery Centre

Visit Legoland, the place for the elderly and young with twelve Lego thematic experiences. It consists of 2,000,000 Lego bricks used to build different attractions. A City Fire Academy has been established where you may instruct your children to be courageous like firefighters. A Lego-themed café is included in the appeal. The Sea Life Melbourne is just 19 km away.

2. Melbourne Sunrise Hot Air Balloon

Take a hot air balloon ride above the skyline of the city of Melbourne Sunrise. Have a magnificent look at Melbourne's main business district, the prominent skyscrapers, the Yarra River, the beautiful interior suburbs and the green settlements.

3. Melbourne Zoo

Make the day a natural adventure visiting the Melbourne Zoo with the Melbourne Aquarium. Discover over 300 kinds and five hundred animals in the zoo. To appreciate his magnificence, meet the King of this jungle, Lion George. A variety of species, such as red pandas and gibbons, zebras, giraffes, macaws, tortoises, and platypus, may also be found.

4. Eureka Skydeck

Take an opportunity to experience Melbourne like never before. The tallest deck in the south is Eureka Skydeck. See Australia's skyline 300 metres above the earth. The Albert Park Lake, the Dandenong Range, Port Phillip Bay, MCG, Föderation Square, etc., are some of the main things you may visit here.

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