When Can I Fly To Melbourne?

Unforeseen challenges triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic have taken a significant toll on countries across the world. The economies around the globe are buzzing with uncertainty and the people are under a considerable strain. The governments and the authorities in charge of countries and cities have taken substantial measures with the available resources and capabilities in order to safeguard the state and its citizens. It is implausible to see how the world, despite these unprecedented situations of the COVID-19 pandemic, is discovering new ways each day to endure, overcome and press on.

Melbourne is no exception to this situation, as the capital city of Victoria endured one of the longest 111-day-lockdown. Explanations were sought-after for the sudden surge in coronavirus cases, rising deaths, and uproar gripped people in the first long-duration shutdown that Daniel Andrews's Government had no control over.

First Positive Case of Coronavirus and commencement of Shutdown in Melbourne

On 12th March 2020, exactly after two weeks when it was declared that Coronavirus will become a pandemic, the capital city of Victoria saw the first positive case of coronavirus. The same day Australian Grand Prix event was the very first major one to get cancelled followed by the orders from Victoria’s chief health officer to cancel all other events, with more than 500 participants. Within the next 24hrs, the Australian home affairs minister, Peter Dutton, tested positive for coronavirus, and all flagship events like Melbourne Fashion Festival, Melbourne Comedy festival were annulled and Victorians advised to put on hold unnecessary international travel.

Daniel Andrews, having earlier worked as health minister, was aware and concerned his hospitals risked being encumbered with massive coronavirus cases during the outbreak of the virus.

Jumping Into Blame Game

The premier’s warning against the non-compliance of covid-19 rules and consideration of tougher restrictions resulted in scare and anger in Victorians. Premier Daniel issued a warning to Melbournians for not obeying quarantine rules, mask-wearing, and social distancing. At the same time, breaches in hotel quarantine played a key role in the massive spread of the virus. Melbourne Premier Daniel Andrews started facing the brunt of hostile media.

The difference of opinion between Morrison and Daniel Andrews about the care of old age home residents came in open. More than two-thirds of the 363 casualties with the deadly virus in Victoria were from old-age home residents. On this issue, Morrison also rejected a plea by the aged care royal commission that the Morrison government has no plan in place for aged care.

As countries were grappling with the panorama of new lockdowns and experiencing renewed confrontations, the capital city of Victoria offered a stringent lesson to five million citizens of Melbourne with more than three months of confinement to curb coronavirus.

Premier Andrews' government was under massive pressure and Victorians believed that there was lacking on the part of his government in desired and timely decision-making as the lines of command and responsibility were confusing.

Victorian Premier Regaining The Confidence

Despite all this resentment and bitterness, most people did not undermine the government in this crisis and maintained their full faith in Daniel Andrew and his crew. This is supported by a survey where 70% of the 3500 Australians exhibited consistent faith in their territorial and state governments and more so Victorians exhibited much confidence (72%) in Andrew Daniel and his team in comparison to the other territorial governments.

As countries were grappling with the panorama of new lockdowns and experiencing renewed confrontations, the capital city of Victoria offered stringent lessons to five million citizens of Melbourne with more than three months of confinement to curb coronavirus.

Even after the controversial management of Victoria’s second coronavirus wave, people of Melbourne continued supporting Andrew Daniel as reported by Australian Newspoll.

Flying through Melbourne

Shutdowns forced the confinements, border closures, trade limitations, disrupted domestic and international flights and everything seems unpredictable as the world is gripping with the newer waves and renewed versions of Covid -19.

People across the globe feel uncertain about when they can travel to Melbourne. However, the travel on metropolitan routes has been relaxed and airlines have started their domestic operations already amid tight covid-19 restrictions in force.

On March 11, 2021, Australian PM Scott Morrison announced that Australia is working in the direction of reopening its borders by October this year. This is certainly great news, however, there were no assurances in this regard. International travel might restart in October 2021 once the drive of vaccinating the Australian adult population has been done.

Resuming worldwide travel would be contingent on a number of aspects that include advancement on the vaccine rollout in Australia and the success rate of the vaccine in preventing the virus.

Wrapping it Up

Covid-19 pandemic fetched unforeseeable situations, substantial strain, and unimaginable impacts, resulting in loss of valuable human lives across borders and communities. Human lives are precious, let us all individually and unitedly follow the restrictions in letter and spirit to overcome these unprecedented circumstances and live to see the brighter side of the day.

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