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At this age of modern technology, it’s not surprising how many proprietors and businessmen have taken their businesses online, this includes our favourite meat shops in Melbourne. Butchers have invaded the internet with their many offerings of the finest cuts of beef, poultry, hog, lamb, and other meats. During the pandemic, especially, it’s just practical and safe to procure your meat supply from these Melbourne butchers. 

Buying meat from online butchers allows you to shop whenever it is convenient for you, without having to deal with difficult operating hours. It also eliminates the need to travel to find specialty cuts, whether you normally go to the supermarket or a specialty butcher. Save time and effort by searching for what you’re looking for from the comfort of your own home. Whether you are a foodie looking for meats to try new recipes with or are just looking for a new place to get your family’s food supply, we’ve come up with a list of Melbourne’s best butcher shops to order from online! 

Lamb Rump - The Meat-Inn Place Melbourne

Fresh meat right at your doorstep with just one click.

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Top Ten Online Butchers In Melbourne

The Meat-Inn Place Lilydale

The Meat-Inn Place - Melbourneaus

The Meat-Inn Place is an award-winning butcher shop that supplies wholesale and retail meats that are ethically and locally raised. Our family has been in the industry for over five years, garnering awards in several competitions and divisions in Australia. We offer a wide range of lamb, pork, chicken, Wagyu, and Angus Beef that are grass-fed, grain-fed, and barley-fed.  Choose from marble scores of 2 to 10 and get the most succulent and flavourful meat that you can find in Melbourne. Our short ribs, brisket, tri-tips, lamb shoulder, rump, pork ribs and belly, hocks have gained a following in the Low and Slow community. Not only do we have fresh meat available all the time, but we also offer different condiments, dry rubs, sauces, and BBQ equipment that you need to make that BBQ weekend an affair to remember! 

You can visit our physical store or get amazing deals from our best butcher online!

Address: 333 Main St, Lilydale VIC 3140

Contact: 03 9738 7555


Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 7am – 530pm

Meys Meats

Meys Meats - Melbourneaus

Meys Meats is a family-owned and operated business,  that provides superior quality meat cuts and meat packs and retail to the community online. We have a terrific team of qualified butchers and apprentices working at Meys Meats. Our training is top-notch and our service is professional and friendly providing the best meat online Now Victoria Wide, but always taking care of our Melbourne Wide customers. Our online store  We specialize in meat packs for the weekly menu and any special event. Our meat packs provide a wide selection of top-quality meats to meet the needs of busy families, caterers, and restaurants. Convenience and affordable prices are important! We deliver right to your door.


Contact:03 5275 6361



Meatsmith - Melbourneaus

Meatsmith is a Melbourne based butcher, providore & wine merchant with locations in Fitzroy, St. Kilda, Balwyn & Brighton. Our distinct vision is to provide exceptional quality & service for our customers. Our selection is fastidious so that you can shop easily, conveniently and consciously.  We are not just purveyors, but butchers and chefs, with expert knowledge and skill when it comes to provenance and preparation. We take care of every step of the process – from relationships with farmers to breaking down whole animals to marinating, boning, rolling, dry ageing, seasoning and cooking tonight’s dinner ready for you to heat at home. Our selection of restaurant-quality meals is prepared by our chefs, with our core range complemented by seasonal highlights all throughout the year.

Contact: 03 9419 8558


Peter Bouchier

Peter Bouchier - Melbourneaus

Peter Bouchier has been the trusted name in Melbourne for premium butchering since our first store opened in 1983. Since the beginning, we have been dedicated to giving our customers the highest quality meat as well as friendly service and expert advice. As premium butchers, we combine the traditional skills and values of our trade with modern practices and the most exciting food trends from around the world. With our huge range of classic and unique products, we have everything you need. Plus, we’ve made it easier to order. In response to increased demand, we’ve gone online. Find out what makes us the best online butchers in Melbourne.

Contact:03 9827 3629, 03 9576 3085


L & L Master Butchers 

L&L Master Butchers - Melbourneaus

L&L Master Butchers is a team of passionate individuals whose goal is to craft homemade small goods in-store, using traditional recipes and techniques at an affordable price. We have been awarded GOLD medals at the 2018 Australian Meat Industry Council’s Annual Awards Dinner. We are now home to the best: Shortcut Bacon and Butcher’s Beef Burger (Taco and Sweetcorn). L&L Master Butchers are modern meat specialists committed to sourcing grass-fed, free-range and hormone-free livestock, as this is the healthiest option for both our customers and our environment. We pride ourselves on bringing you the best products available. We are confident in assuring you that our products are sourced from local farms with the highest ethical standards across Victoria.

Contact: 03 9557 5611


Rendinas Butchery

Redinas Butchery - Melbourneaus

Operating since 2001, Rendinas is the butcher Melbourne locals turn to for locally sourced, quality meats. For over two decades we’ve been passionately supporting our Aussie farmers and advocating for ethical care of animals. That’s why all of our produce is bio-dynamic, meaning the animals have been grazed in a clean, chemical-free environment so you know the meat you’re getting from us is something you can feel good about feeding your family. As proud winners of the Best Organic Specialist Store, you can be assured that our meat is locally sourced livestock from certified biodynamic and organic farms across Victoria. Our mission to provide top quality organic meat products at affordable prices makes us the organic butchers Melbourne residents trust.

Contact: 03 9857 6669


Butchers On George

Butchers On George - Melbourneaus

Butchers On George is an in-store pick-up and online delivery butcher shop located in Melbourne. We have a full range of different products like beef, chicken, pork, lamb, meat packs and pastries that are well-loved by our customers.  Take the time to browse our items and shop from the comfort of your home and workplace.

Contact: 03 5127 2018


Range Meats

Range Meats - Melbourneaus

Bringing top-quality meat to your door, across Victoria. Range Meats is the brainchild of two passionate owners, wanting to change how Victoria shops for their meat.  Supermarkets offer convenience but the quality of products is less than ideal.  Range Meats brings the best quality meat sourced from partners with an eye for perfection allowing you to have restaurant-quality meat at home. 

Contact: 03 9707 0800


James Brothers Meat Co. 

James Brothers Meat Co. - Melbourneaus

As a 4th Generation Family Business with over 100 years of industry experience, our philosophy is simple. We offer the highest quality product at the fairest possible price. High-End Meat-Exquisite Seafood-Fine Wine. They are master butchers with an award-winning record, kitchen wizards that have created a solid foundation and highly-acclaimed reputation among the leaders in the industry. They have invested the time in establishing personal relationships with each of our world-class brands, to ensure that our customers consistently receive the best stock.

Contact: 03 9336 7042


Canning’s Free Range Butchers

Canning's Free Range Butchers - Melbourneaus

Cannings was built from the ground up, fueled by Sam Canning’s love of good food and his desire to raise the industry bar and improve animal welfare standards. Since 2010, Cannings’ philosophy has been embraced and supported by the Melbourne community. Years on, the business has grown, and we’re incredibly grateful to have such an amazing network of free-range producers and a team of staff who represent Sam’s core values. As butchers with a conscience, we deliver Australia’s most high welfare produce. Guided by our values and commitment to what is right, we’re here to lead positive change. It has been a passionate journey of education and adventure as we’ve researched and met some of Australia’s best producers, on the hunt for high welfare, high-quality products at a price point that is accessible to everybody. We make the effort to meet our producers on their farms for an insight into their operation. The farm philosophy, how they raise and care for the animals, their logistics, supply chain and the abattoirs at which the animals are processed, are all critical factors that form the basis of the Cannings Selection Process.

Contact: 1300 513 623


Don’t let staying at home stop you from having great meals at home! 

Everything you need for that home party, that weekend BBQ, or for quiet family nights at home is available from these reputable online butchers in Melbourne. All you need to do is: Add to the cart! 

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