Kindergym Near Me! Melbourne’s Best Kindergym for Kids


Kindergym enables kids to organize and carry out fundamental motor skills including running, leaping, catching, kicking, and throwing. The program gives kids a foundation in basic movement, enabling them to play and explore while honing their coordination, balance, agility, and self-esteem.

Children may explore and learn through play in kindergym courses, often guided by experienced teachers who create a joyful and supportive atmosphere. The sessions may be provided regularly or irregularly and presented in specific kindergym facilities, community centres, or schools.

Children who take part in kindergym lessons can get various advantages, such as increased physical fitness, greater self-esteem and social skills, and lifetime enjoyment of physical exercise.

It helps children develop physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally.

Kindergym is intended to aid kids in growing in all facets of their lives. The physical development of kids is one of Kindergym’s key advantages. Running, leaping, climbing, crawling, and other actions that improve children’s balance, coordination, and agility are frequently used in Kindergym exercises. Children who engage in these activities can strengthen their muscles, bones, and joints, reducing their risk of injury and promoting normal growth and development.

It promotes cognitive development in addition to physical growth. Children may develop crucial cognitive abilities like memory, attention, and critical thinking by engaging in activities that require problem-solving, decision-making, and spatial awareness. Activities at Kindergym frequently include music, storytelling, and imaginative play, all of which may help kids improve their linguistic abilities as well as their creativity and imagination.

Kindergym also promotes kids’ emotional and social growth. Children who take Kindergym programs get the chance to socialize with other kids in a welcoming and safe setting. Children can benefit from this as they grow crucial social skills like collaboration, sharing, and taking turns. By offering kids the chance to identify and express their feelings and learn how to properly control them, Kindergym can also aid in the development of emotional intelligence in young people.

It helps children to develop social skills.

Kindergym is a great way for kids to learn social skills, which are important for their growth and development. The capacity to connect, communicate, and form relationships with others. Children who take part in Kindergym classes can develop their social skills in a welcoming and protected setting. 

Kindergym teaches kids in learning to appreciate others. Kids learn how to respect others’ thoughts and differences while also learning to listen to other children’s ideas.

Kindergym encourages children to work together in teams and cooperatively. Together, they learn how to accomplish goals and address issues.

It helps get kids school ready.

Children who take part in Kindergym classes have the chance to acquire the physical, social, and cognitive abilities necessary for academic achievement. 

They also have the chance to learn school readiness skills including adhering to rules and routines, receiving direction from adults, and cooperating in a group. These abilities are crucial for academic achievement and might make it easier for kids to adjust to the classroom setting.

It assists in developing physical literacy.

Kindergym programs are intended to encourage young children’s physical literacy. The capacity to move competently and confidently in a range of physical activities, places, and contexts is known as physical literacy. It entails acquiring the fundamental movement abilities and patterns required for lifelong engagement in sports and physical activities.

It assists kids in gaining self-assurance and drives them to use their bodies. Children are more likely to engage in physical exercise and advance their physical literacy when they feel competent and secure in their movement abilities.

Now, let’s get on with our top picks.

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01. Skylark Sports

skylark sports

Their kindergym programs aim to be friendly, enjoyable, and inclusive. Skylark Sports is a member-based athletic organization that is an affiliate member of Gymnastics Victoria and Gymnastics Australia. They have complete insurance coverage through Gymnastics Australia’s Risk Protection Program. In addition to their years of experience and technical proficiency, their instructors are chosen for their true love of children and national accreditation.


02. Peninsula Gymnastics

peninsula gymnastics

Peninsula Gymnastics aims to “teach movement for life,” which guides all of its activities and choices. They seek to enhance participants’ self-awareness and physical prowess so they leave the program feeling more capable. Their goal is to provide kids with a satisfying experience that will influence how they see leading a healthy lifestyle.


03. Melbourne Gymnastics Centre

melbourne gymnastics centre

Their curriculum, which is run out of their Windsor Center, covers all naturally occurring movement patterns and generates new ones that promote the connection and expansion of the human body while also fostering brain development and cognitive enhancements. In a secure and welcoming atmosphere, children may explore their bodies and feel at ease in them while practising all Dominant Movement Pattern actions, such as rolling, swinging, static form, landing, spring, and locomotion.

Families will engage with one another and with the children, creating a community. They have families that have been around for more than 16 years and are still active in their community!


04. My First Gym

my first gym

Their junior development program, which was created in collaboration with one of the top paediatric physiotherapists in the nation, will give your kid the foundation they need to develop from newborn to school-ready. The sessions emphasize the basics of movement. Manipulative, locomotor, and stable. Children who master these three basic movement skills may take part with confidence in play, games, and outdoor activities at home and school. As they are more self-assured and outgoing, they are more likely to have active, healthy lives when they get older.

They will also help your kid reach age-appropriate milestones in social, mental, linguistic, and behavioural development.


05. Reach Gymnastics

reach gymnastics

Their 45-minute KinderGym class is created especially for kids of this age group, and parents are urged to participate actively in the class and their child’s learning. Every two weeks, there is a “theme,” which begins with a general warm-up and a group exercise. The gymnasts then work on particular circuits and exercises with their parents as a teaching tool. This class is where they start introducing:

  • some exercises and methods with a gymnastics focus to improve their motor abilities
  • acquire important cognitive abilities like waiting for turns and paying attention to directions

It’s a fantastic method for parents to participate in their child’s education and begin preparing them for kindergarten and school at age 4.


Frequent exercise helps enhance children’s cardiorespiratory fitness, strengthen their bones and muscles, manage their weight, lessen their feelings of anxiety and sadness, and lower their chance of contracting diseases like heart disease.

Block and building activity also fosters the growth of focus, spatial awareness, shape identification, problem-solving abilities, social skills, and other talents. Playing with toy blocks teaches children how to overcome obstacles and discover their surroundings, whether they are playing alone or with a sibling.

The baby can crawl, climb, and engage in sensory exploration during this exercise. The exercise encourages the development of their hand-eye coordination, balance, and fine and gross motor abilities.

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