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Wedding signage may help visitors find their way around the event more easily while also providing a unique touch of charm and individuality to the wedding décor. Welcome signs, seating diagrams, directional signs directing guests to various parts of the event, drink menus, and photo booth instructions are a few examples of typical wedding signage. They can also include personalized messages, quotes, or hashtags that reflect the couple’s personality and style.

Do I need a welcome sign at my wedding?

Yes! If you have a bigger location or want to be sure guests know they’re in the proper spot, a welcome sign may be a useful addition to your wedding décor.

The mood of your wedding may be created with a wedding sign that offers a sincere welcome to your guests. Important details like the couple’s names, the wedding date, and any instructions or directions your guests would need to know can also be included.

A welcome sign may be a useful addition to your wedding décor in addition to being attractive and original. You may add any ornamental components you desire and tailor them to meet your wedding’s theme or colour palette.

What is the best size for a wedding sign?

A wedding sign’s dimensions are determined by its use and location. These are some general recommendations for popular wedding signs:

  1. Welcome sign: A welcome sign put at the entrance should be at least 45.72×60.96 centimetres in size to be seen from a distance.
  2. Seating chart: Depending on the design and number of visitors, a seating chart’s size might vary. A seating chart that is typically 60.96×91.44 centimetres in size may hold up to 150 people.
  3. Directional signs: The average size of a directional sign is 20.32×25.40 centimetres or 27.94×35.56 centimetres. To make it easier for visitors to find their way about the space, this signage should be strategically positioned throughout.
  4. Bar menu: Depending on the size of the bar and the variety of drinks offered, a bar menu sign may be smaller, measuring around 12.70×17.78 centimetres or 8×10 centimetres.

What to do with wedding welcome sign after wedding?

Your wedding welcome sign is a beautiful and meaningful keepsake that will always remind you of your special day. You can repurpose it to hang in your home.

Now, let’s get on with our top picks. 

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01. Wedding Welcome Signs 

wedding welcome signs australia

They have a beautiful selection of wedding welcome signs created by their talented designers. All are completely customized to match your event’s theme, colour scheme, and font. They have styles that are bold and fun to fit every personality.


02. Blank Space Collective

blank space collective

All products are personalised or custom. Note that they only create your wedding sign per order (they do not have stocks ready-made). Your orders are done from scratch, so your wedding signage is very unique.


03. Paper Divas

paper divas

Next on our list is Paper Divas. They design personalised stationery that is reasonably priced, modern and stylish. Along with wedding welcome signs, they also do printed invitations, thank you cards, stickers, and envelopes.


04. Sundae Creative

sundae creative

They have been helping couples bring their ideas to life since 2016. Their ultimate goal is to make sure that this process remains a simple and memorable experience for couples starting on their journey. 


05. Little Timber

little timber

What started as a DIY project in 2017 eventually turned into a full-time business. Since then, they have been designing and creating signs for all celebrations of life. 


06. Giftware Direct

giftware direct

They focus on a seamless ordering process to save you time. They also have their in-house manufacturing so you get the best prices and the best service every time.


07. Vintage Rose Weddings

vintage rose weddings

If you’re planning a vintage-style wedding, this is the place for you. They specialise in vintage wedding themes at a reasonable price! They also offer special promos so you can further stretch your wedding budget for your other needs. 


08. Atelier Creative

atelier creative

Based on the sample designs they have on their website, it is mostly modern and minimal in design. So if your wedding theme is minimalist in style, this is for you. They also have a variety of printing options to choose from. 


09. MAC Creations Laser Co.

mac creations laser co

MAC Creations Laser Co. is a family business that specialises in small laser cutting and signage business. They create and design a range of personalised and custom acrylic and wooden products, perfect for an outdoor wedding ceremony.


10. Stone + Sparrow

stone and sparrow

They specialise in a modern and minimal approach to design which enables them to focus on paper, typography and other details. All of their designs are printed on premium uncoated paper card stock. Contemporary and elegant at its best!


You can put your names and wedding date on your wedding welcome sign. That way, you can repurpose it and hang the sign in your home after your wedding.

Acrylic is the most popular of wedding signs. It is versatile and can complement any wedding theme depending on how you design it.

Traditionally, the bride always precedes the groom.

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