Best Gymnastics Classes for Kids in Melbourne


Keep your active kids exercising at some of Melbourne’s top kid-friendly gyms. An important life lesson that is best learnt while young is to take the time to realise how much fun exercise can be. Gymnastics gives a solid basis for any other sports that a child may play in the future or exhibit interest in, as well as giving them the opportunity to feel self-confidence through creativity and performance. Due to their larger cognitive capacity, children, in particular, can adjust to difficult conditions and pick up new skills more rapidly. If you’re looking for the best kids gym in Melbourne that offers gymnastics classes, you’ve come to right place! 

What age should a child start gymnastics classes?

Children may meet new friends for life while having fun with a new activity and developing an interest in sports through kids gymnastics. It also offers a wide range of other health advantages that provide long-term dividends for both mental and physical well-being. Essentially, young children and infants should begin engaging in physical activity as soon as it is safe to do so. According to research, the greatest way to promote an active lifestyle is to let kids or newborns roll around or wriggle on the floor. Although five years old is the ideal age to begin a competitive kids’ gymnastics class, some gymnastics clubs accept children as young as two or three years old. For toddlers as young as two or three years old, the gymnastics program in Melbourne should focus on helping them become aware of their body, and movement, and enjoy the sport! 

What are the benefits of gymnastics for kids?

Enrolling your baby in toddler gymnastics courses does not need you to have Olympic dreams for your child. Kids’ gymnastics fosters self-confidence through creativity and performance and serves as a solid basis for other sports that a youngster may show interest in. Enrolling your infant, child, or teen in gymnastics lessons have a lot of advantages. Gymnastics is one of the most all-encompassing lifestyle fitness regimens for kids accessible, combining discipline, power, speed, flexibility, and strength. We highly recommend signing up your child for gymnastics lessons if you’re thinking about doing so.

What are the different types of gymnastics classes for kids?

When people discuss gymnastics, they typically picture it as a single discipline that involves a lot of acrobatics. Yet the truth is that gymnastics has developed into a variety of specialities. The sport requires a complicated balancing act between physical force, flexibility, agility, coordination, elegance, and control. Gymnastics is divided into seven distinct categories listed below: 

  1. Artistic Gymnastics
  2. Rhythmic Gymnastics
  3. Acrobatic Gymnastics
  4. Trampoline
  5. Power Tumbling
  6. Group Gymnastics
  7. Applied Gymnastics

What is the cost of gymnastics classes for kids?

Not all kids’ gyms have the same prices when it comes to gymnastics classes. A lot of factors come into play in determining the price of a gymnastics, acrobatics, tumbling, or ninja warrior class in Melbourne. Some of these factors include the age of the students, the length and frequency of the classes, the level, location, and miscellaneous fees. 

In This Article

01. Skylark Sports

Skylark Sports Kids Gym Melbourne

At Skylark Sports, the coaches and gym teachers ensure that toddlers, kids, and teens become more confident and equipped to take on the world! It’s not only the kids who gain from the fun and wonderful experience at Skylark Sports; the parents do, too! Skylark Sports’ coaches take on the responsibility of educating kids to be in charge of their bodies and explore it through the art of movement. It’s not just about having fun; it’s also about learning how to work hard for what you want to achieve. It is not perfection that they strive for; it’s progress. At Skylark Sports, you are part of a big family where coaches, kids, parents, and guardians work hand-in-hand to support the growth of the kids who attend their classes. 

Skylark Sports has come far from being a set-up and pack-up gym to a rapidly growing kids gymnastics club in Melbourne with over 50 experienced and passionate coaches and administration teams. If you’d like to learn more about their gymnastics, acrobatics, tumbling, kindergym, baby gym, and ninja warrior classes, contact them to avail of a free trial class. 


Contact Number: 03 9544 8008 (Mount Waverley) and 03 9544 8008 (Lynbrook)

02. BK’s Gym and Swim 

Bk's Gym and Swim Melbourne

According to the BK’s class structure, each programme will follow a two-week schedule centred on a set of skill competencies relevant to each developmental milestone. Each competency has been chosen to create a solid foundation for body mechanic growth, enabling gymnasts to grow appropriately and securely when they proceed to a more advanced class stream. Programs are created with the intention of instructing, entertaining, and ensuring proper technique and fundamental to advanced body mechanics. When your child moves from being a beginner who is still puzzling things out to an intermediate or advanced gymnast, BK’s Gymnastics Hawthorn provides programs that are meant to build a joyful learning journey.


03. Diamond Gymnastics Club

Diamond Gymnastics Melbourne

The Diamond Gymnastics Club offers programs for gymnasts ranging in age from 12 months to adults, including the Australian Levels Program (ALP), Kinder Gym, Gymstar, and Recreational. In addition to holding weekly courses, DGC staff frequently offer birthday parties, holiday events, skill clinics, and school-based activities for nearby schoolchildren. DGC’s five basic values—excellence, collaboration, bravery, resilience, and respect—are meant to foster a pleasant and safe environment for all gymnasts, regardless of age, experience, or ability.


04. Chamford Gymnastics

Since it was founded in 1982, this kid-friendly club has been teaching gymnastics to children of all ages in the area of Murrumbeena.
They work with a group of coaches that are enthusiastic about gymnastics and well qualified. Once gymnasts themselves, these dedicated trainers are now ready to impart their expertise and love of the sport. The goal of Chamford Gymnastics is to offer carefully thought-out programs that support each child’s individual learning style and help them develop confidence and better self-esteem as they gradually overcome the physical obstacles presented at each gymnastics level.


05.  Pit Gymnastics

Pit Gymnastics Melbourne

One of the earliest gymnastic facilities in Australia built included PIT Gymnastics. John Dorrington founded the club in 1979, and it has been at the forefront of gymnastics growth in Victoria ever since. PIT Gymnastics is recognised as a leader in the field and has links to many other gymnastic sports and activities. They provide a variety of gymnastics classes, including Kindergym, kids gymnastics, competitive gymnastics, adult gymnastics, and vacation and after-school activities.


06. Twisters Gym

Programs at Twisters Gymnastics are expertly designed to develop and enhance balance, strength, agility, flexibility, and coordination while building a lifetime foundation. Gymnastics provides regular physical exercise and fosters self-control, self-worth, and self-confidence in a playful and imaginative setting. Their lessons assist youngsters in gaining critical mental fortitude, endurance, and patience while teaching them how to follow instructions and make friends. If you want to give your children a head start in life, enrol them in their gymnastics classes today!


07. Kids in Motion

Kids in Motion Melbourne

At Kids in Motion, they aren’t concerned with just raking in the profits and competing with gymnastics franchises. They strive to be the best at what we do and aim to be of service to the community while adhering to the highest standards. They have programs that cover the physical development of babies, toddlers, kids, and teens in Melbourne. These include playful tots, all-round development, sports-specific programs, programs for kids with special needs, and classes for adults.


08. Knox Gymnastics Club

Knox Gymnastics offers gymnastics for all ages and skill levels, including KinderGym programmes for young children that focus on motor skill and coordination development, Recreational programmes for school-aged children that emphasise skill development, and competitive gymnastics classes that develop routines and focus. Also, they have adult classes where you can come and experience gymnastics for the first time or for former gymnasts looking to return to the gym for fitness.


09. Athleta Gymnastics

Athleta Gymnastics Melbourne

Don’t miss the opportunity to sign-up your kids in Athleta Gymnastics! Each course in their fundamentals program is created to help your child advance, improve, and polish their gymnastics talents. Their Melbourne gymnastics program will aid in the development of strength, flexibility, coordination, and the principles of gymnastics utilising various gymnastics apparatus. The principles of gymnastics skills are taught in a fun-filled program called “principles development” for both boys and girls. For those who are interested, they also provide adult and kindergym classes.


10. Melbourne Gym Sports

The gym trainers at Melbourne Gym Sports provide a variety of gymnastics-based and aerobic gymnastics sessions to accommodate all age groups and skill levels. Athletes competing at the State, National, or International levels get access to their extensive competitive programmes. They can always meet your child’s demands since there is a cap on the number of students in each class, in addition to a staff of highly trained and experienced coaches. They take great delight in providing excellent gymnastics programs to assist and encourage participants and athletes as they work towards their objectives. No matter how skilled they are, they want to bring out the best in every athlete.


With the sprouting of numerous gymnastics clubs and kids’ gyms all over the country, it can be difficult and overwhelming to choose the right gym for your kids. Take note of a few things before deciding where to sign your kids up for their gymnastics classes. 

  1. Consider the age and skills of your child. 
  2. Check the gym if they have qualified and experienced coaches. 
  3. Avail of the free trial class. 
  4. Ask about the class size and the duration. 
  5. Inspect and visit the facilities 
  6. Get recommendations from friends and families

What your child wears to their gymnastics class is important because he or she needs to be comfortable to be able to move freely. The most common clothes that kids wear to a gymnastics class are leotards, shorts, and a simple t-shirt. They don’t need to wear any footwear or accessories except for hair ties for kids with long hair. 

The frequency of a child’s gymnastics courses depends on a number of variables, including their age, ability level, and personal goals. Preschoolers are advised to take gymnastics lessons once or twice a week for 45 to an hour per session, while school-aged children should attend twice or thrice a week for an hour or two each. On the other hand, competitive gymnasts often practise five or six days a week for several hours each time.

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