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Ever wondered how to channel your little one’s boundless energy into something both fun and beneficial? Say hello to baby gymnastics! In addition to being a great method for your child to discover and enjoy movement, this lays the foundation for motor skills, coordination, and, yes, even confidence! Keep reading to find out how you and your mini-me can dive into this exciting world together.

Is baby gymnastics safe?

Safety is the first concern in any respectable infant gymnastics program. Qualified instructors and soft, padded environments ensure your little gymnast can explore and learn without you biting your nails in worry. Just make sure you heed all of the program’s safety advice and rules.

How to choose the right baby gymnastics class?

With so many classes out there, making a choice can feel overwhelming. Seek out programs with great reviews, qualified teachers, and a curriculum appropriate for your child’s age and ability level. Always visit the facility first to get a feel for the environment and to speak directly with instructors.

Top 5 Best Baby Gymnastics Classes in Melbourne

In search of an excellent infant gymnastics class in the Melbourne region? You’re in luck! Melbourne is home to some fantastic options that cater to various age groups and skill levels. You may probably find a good class for your young gymnast whether you live in a nearby suburb or the city centre. Here’s our curated list of the top 10 best baby gymnastics classes in Melbourne to help make your decision a bit easier.

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Skylark Sports

Skylark Sports

Skylark Sports is the go-to spot for active kiddos of all ages in Melbourne. It’s not just about fun; they focus on overall child development. With a safe and exciting setting, they offer a range of classes that suit different age groups.

  • BabyGym (1-2 years): A fab way for bubs to move and grow, and a chance for parents to meet locals. It’s all about basic movements that are good for a growing brain.

  • KinderGym (2-5 years): The perfect intro to sports for little ones, offering loads of learning and play. It’s all about building basic gymnastics and movement skills.

  • Gymnastics (5-17 years): A no-pressure program that’s all about building love for movement. Kids get to try everything from floor routines to trampoline tricks.

  • Ninja (5-17 years): A high-octane class blending parkour, gymnastics, and ninja training. Perfect for kids who want to challenge themselves.

  • Tumbling (9-17 years): Ideal for kids wanting to learn cool flips and rolls, and a good add-on for dancers or cheerleaders.

  • Competitive Acrobatics (5+ years): For kids keen on competitions, blending gymnastics with dance and circus elements.

So, if you’re after a place where your little one can have a ball, learn heaps, and make new mates, Skylark Sports is ace. They even offer a free trial to get you started. Check ’em out!


Glen Iris Rhythmic Gymnastics

Glen Iris Rhythmic Gymnastics

Glen Iris Rhythmic Gymnastics in Melbourne is a top pick for young girls wanting to become skilled gymnasts. They offer classes for various abilities, so let’s have a quick squiz:

  • Beginner Levels (3.5-6 years): Perfect for little ones new to the game. They get an intro to basic dance steps and using gymnastics gear like hoops and ribbons. Classes go for an hour a week.

  • Competitive Levels – National Stream: Ideal for girls with a bit of experience in gymnastics or dance. They step it up with more advanced moves and even get to join competitions. Once they hit Level 7, they can try out for big-time events like National Championships.

  • Elite/International Stream: This is for the real young talents. Kids with potential for pro-level rhythmic gymnastics can join, grouped by age.

So if your daughter’s keen to dive into rhythmic gymnastics, Glen Iris is a ripper place to start!


Chamford Gymnastics

Chamford Gymnastics

Chamford Gymnastics in Melbourne is all about helping kids have a great time while they build fitness and flexibility. They’ve got programs to suit kids of various ages and skill sets, so here’s the lowdown:

  • Junior Assisted Program (18 months-3.5 years): A 45-minute session where your tiny tot works closely with a grown-up and a trained Chamford coach. It’s all about laying the foundations for good movement, awareness, and coordination. And it’s all good fun, too!

  • Junior Gym Beginner/Intermediate (4-5 years): Kids get into the swing of things in an 8:1 ratio with a Chamford coach. It’s all structured and parents can hang around to watch. Kids are sorted into Beginner and Intermediate groups to get the right level of instruction.

  • Junior Gym Advanced Program: This one’s by invite only and geared for kids showing a knack for competitive gymnastics. It keeps the fun going while pushing for skill growth.

So if you’re after a cracking place where your child can pick up gymnastics skills in a safe and fun environment, Chamford Gymnastics could be just the ticket!


Infinity Gymnastics & Dance

Infinity Gymnastics & Dance

Infinity Gymnastics & Dance in Melbourne takes a unique twist by mixing fitness, gymnastics, and dance. It’s a one-stop-shop for honing coordination, strength, and musicality. They offer rhythmic gymnastics that blends ballet grace with gear-handling skills. But wait, there’s more: their dance classes span styles like tap, jazz, and ballet.

What sets Infinity apart is their teaching style. Coaches are pros at guiding young kids with age-appropriate methods, focusing on the basics before ramping up the challenge. They also nurture kids’ musical sense and spatial smarts. Children get to move in varied directions and team formations, working on both fine and gross motor skills. All the while, they make sure the youngsters are having a ball, using age-appropriate themes to spark their imagination.

So, if you’re in Melbourne and after top-notch gymnastics and dance for the kiddos, Infinity Gymnastics & Dance is your go-to spot.


Melbourne Gym Sports

Melbourne Gym Sports

Melbourne Gym Sports keeps things cosy with small class sizes, maxing out at just six kids. This ensures every child gets proper attention and coaching tailored to their strengths and areas for improvement. The place is especially welcoming for kids with special needs like ADHD & ASD.

Now, let’s chat about AeroGym. Designed for 5 to 10-year-olds, this program fuses Aerobic Gymnastics with classic gymnastics moves on bars, beams, and floors. Your little one will master all those nifty tricks like cartwheels and forward rolls. They’ll also get to learn a beginner’s aerobic routine, which they can opt to showcase at events throughout the year.

AeroGym is a high-energy sport, mixing performance and agility with awesome tunes to make exercise a ripper time for the young’uns. The program is tiered, starting at the Blue level, and kids can progress through levels to build up their skills and confidence.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a top place where your child can dive into gymnastics in a fun, small-group setting, Melbourne Gym Sports is worth a squiz.


Most clubs let infants begin gymnastics as early as nine to twelve months old, or when they can walk.

Baby gymnastics is a structured physical activity program designed to help infants and toddlers develop essential motor skills, strength, balance, and coordination. Classes usually include a mix of games, stretches, and guided activities using specialised equipment suitable for young children.

Baby gymnastics classes generally use equipment that is scaled-down and softer than traditional gymnastics apparatuses. This can include padded mats, soft beams, mini trampolines, and other specialised gear designed to be safe for young children.

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