Thai Town in QV Melbourne CBD

All ordering is done through an online ordering qr code system, quick, easy to order, meals are served super fast.

They Yentafo is amazing, if you are a thai food lover.

Popular Dishes

Pad Thai, Cocktails, Curry, Dessert

People Say This Place Is Known For

Elaborate Menu, Good Music, Young Crowd, Customizable Food, Fresh Food, Good Quality

Average Cost

$80 for two people (approx.) Without alcohol

How do we calculate cost for two?

Cash and Cards accepted

Once, you experienced frisson stepping past an overflowing skip and into an elegant bar. Now you get that same “who knew?” buzz walking past QV’s sterile sneaker shops and into the fizzing electricity of Thai Town – a retail shop, liquor store and market-style kitchen that is pumping at every shift.

You enter via a little deli section where Thai sweets are being prepared and put in display windows: tiny crepes spread with meringue fluff and bright shrimp-flavoured coconut that gives it a curious salty kick; luminous jellies floating in evaporated milk and cardboard pockets of sticky fried bananas.

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